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  1. Am I the only person laughing at the Leaf fans on HFBoards trying to justify this terrible, terrible deal?
  2. I like how this guy doesn't mention Conklin in his anti-Detriot idiocy.
  3. NHL executives ( Iguess) met right after the incident and reviewed it, both teams have already been notified.
  4. The TV network, Bob McKenzie just reported it on the panel...also said he didn't think Hossa should've gotten a penalty on the Filpulla goal, like many people he should have.
  5. TSN just reported Malkin will be playing the next game...
  6. As long as the Wings do not take this Pens team lightly, then if we beat them last year, we should certainly beat them this year. I always thought the winner of the Ducks/Wings series was going to win the cup, and I still think that. Wings in 6.
  7. GDT

    Yeah I was talking about the actual Wings team, I didn't read the thread, and I imagine theres cursing going both ways.
  8. GDT

    A Ducks fan thinking we aren't classy? Hilarious.
  9. GDT

    This is, hands down, the most one sided game I have ever seen when it comes to reffing.
  10. I'm on my second month with hockeystreams...very satisfied with the service. I've seen ALL the Wings games with excellent picture quality and smoothness. I've watched them on my main computer and used my wireless router to watch them on my problems.
  11. You can get it here, too....good stream for me.
  12. No, he's a Newfoundlander.......even tougher, with more heart than a regular Canadian.
  13. I've skimmed through this thread...and I'll I've seen is you complaining. Sure, the D isn't up to par, and we know it, so give it a rest! You don't have to make it known that you aren't happy EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  14. Hear, hear. Ridiculous topic. Cleary could have 2 goals for the entire year and still be an important member of the team. What are we always asking for? Heart and grit. Cleary's got both.
  15. Just saw an article on Can Fletcher be serious?