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  1. Having some major problems decideing who to support in the SCF. Pros and cons for both teams?
  2. Even though the Czech's outshooted Norway, Norway actually was the better team. The last couple of years Norway has been close to victories like this many times, and proved that they can actually play decent hockey. Against Sweden Norway had it to a tie to the middle of the 3rd period like many times before. Finally a decent win. Watch out for Norway in the future! Edit: Norwegian players obviously has some problems with their hits. Keep your damn elbows away from their faces. 5on4 for 5 minutes
  3. GDT

    Is it allowed to ask for a good stream? The coverage in Norway is just pure sad. Please PM me if anyone have a good strea, with good quality.
  4. They all rushed to tollefsen but stopped when they saw that Bartecko wasnt getting up. Still haven't watched it in replay, so I dont know how bad the hit actually was. Someone commented on the article "Just to beat in all the mouthbreathers: Clean hit. Shouldn't have been a penalty. Should have kept his head up." Can anyome confirm?
  5. After they got the message that he's ok in the arena the game has really stepped up! Great period by Norway! 3-3 with 0.1 seconds left!
  6. Tollefsen hit the Slovakian player with his elbow, which then appeared to be knocked out. Spun around, lost his helmet and fell down on the back of his head. It's was hard to see if the elbow was intentional or not, but it was real ugly anyway. Trust me, you don't wanna see that. I can't get the guy lying on the ice, bleeding from the back of his head out of my mind. :/ Really hope he's ok. Update: He's ok! They say he's suffering from a memoryloss but otherwise ok. Great to hear, it was a weird mood in the ice and amongst the crowd in the 1st period. Looked really ugly.
  7. What the hell was that 6 man on ice call? And why didnt Norway get a PP just before the goal? German refs in a game against Switzerland! yey! Lot's of horrible reffing in this olympic.
  8. I think the Norway - Switzerland game has been exciting so far! I may be biased, since I'm from Norway, but both teams has played decent hockey.
  9. I blame the Norwegian curling teams' pants.
  10. Fair enough that we only qualify to get our ass beaten by the top 8 teams. We dont expect to win games against USA nor Canda. But for a nation like Norway it means alot to even qualify. What is great with the olympics and Norway get the chance to play against these teams is that many people get their eyes open for what a great game hockey is. Wouldnt it be great to see even more teams than just the top 8 atm fight for the top position in the olympics sometime? If teams like Norway don't get a chance to even play in the olympics, how is it possible for us to gain interest in hockey, and get more people to start playing? Great to see Tollefsen playing decent for Norway. Considering the difference I think Norway made a decent effort in the first and a half period both today and against Canada. Can't wait to play the swiss!
  11. Hell yeah! Who else than Zetteberg?
  12. It's 6 am here now.. I hope it ends before I have to go to work.. :|
  13. What does Sidney Crosby do after he scores against Detroit in the Stanley Cup Final? -Turns off his Playstation and goes back to bed with his mom.
  14. The Versus direct streams are back up