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  1. Wings win 5-2. Goals by Lids, Dats, Bert x2, and Abby. Good night, and good luck.............
  2. Thank you for the help....
  3. I was wondering if there are any Red Wings fans in Austin, TX, and or any good bars that carry the wings game in the general area. Thanks
  4. Eklund is somewhat turdish.....
  5. 3rd person reference alert...... And I agree..
  6. Armstrong and Asham are the two that I have in mind. Its been reported the wings have had Armstrong in their sight the last 3-4 off-seasons. I would like them to snag him this off-season for 2-3 years. A scrapper that will fight with the best of them, has great play making ability, and can score a solid 20-25 a year.
  7. I would love to see a fighter brought to the team. The last several years there are several "hybrid" type players who have the grit, and everyday player ability to stay with the team. What do you think about a solid fighter on the team?
  8. Would like Armstrong, or Higgins. More of a grit guy, Ashem and his huuugggeee head would be good.
  9. No need to apologize. Just having fun....
  10. Jesus Christ. How f***ed up are you tonight. You sound like the local dry cleaner after a dozen beers.
  11. Wow. Ft. Myers and Orlando. That's a bit of a surprise. Must have been a hell of a lead-in.
  12. April Fools
  13. Over/Under is 5.5. What do you think?
  14. TRADED to the Devils at 7:15 tonight. Interesting.