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  1. awingsincebirth

  2. Lidstrom's Future

    My problem with this argument is not necessarily your side, but the premise of the whole argument in general. I view the appointment of the C to be a more organic thing. You're asking what we think would happen if someone else were captain, while I honestly think that could never be the case. Lidstrom is the Captain because of what he has done and who he as been for this team. Because of this, regardless of who has a C arbitrarily sewn to their jersey, you know which of the warriors the rest of the team will look up to when the game is on the line. Nick, alone, is the logical Captain of this team and will remain as such until he retires. I don't know if I am making any sense or just blabbering nonsensically. Although, I do feel the way that Babs seems to swoon about Nik in the press (and has pretty much ever since he got here) seems to indicate to me that Nik is doing an alright job as a leader inside the lockerroom, in addition to where we all know he is one of the best leaders in the game; on the ice.
  3. NHL Modern Era Draft

    I like it. I'm in.
  4. Interesting yet random article

    Hahahaha. Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure that I remember a picture of Marian Hossa getting drafted - Hoss is up there wearing a Sens jersey shaking Buttman's hand, but if you look really hard to the back of the stage, there's old Kopecky with a "f***, I hope nobody says anything" type of look on his face. And so the love affair began.
  5. Mats Sundin?

    You, my good sir, place a frightening low value on the importance of your genitals.
  6. Aaron Ward traded to Carolina

    Certainly seems like a possibility.
  7. Kovalchuk get the maximum salary, 11,36M$ / season

    I can't seem to find this info anywhere in English. What's the term on this beast? Is $11.whatever the actual cap hit. That would be incomprehensible if it were.
  8. Kovalchuk get the maximum salary, 11,36M$ / season

    I think the better question is: who knowingly signs a contract extension with the Thrashers?!?! (assuming that is what this is about)
  9. Forsberg?

    I think that it is abundantly clear that Forsberg's NHL days are done. And if there is any team stupid enough to give him his 1000th chance for rekindling his fire, they will undoubtedly regret wasting the cap space. It won't be the Wings.
  10. Martin Havlats Twitter

    WOW! HAHA. Amazing picture....I want one.
  11. 88 goals, 118 assists, and 206 points

    I really like this quote from Hitchcock (IMO, as classy a coach as your gonna find in this league). A lot of talk in this thread has been about how the coming regular season is going to be a tough one. I can't disagree. Games will be tighter, and we will score fewer goals. For anyone to deny that would be lunacy. Okay. This team WILL make the playoffs and they won't be one of the bottom seeds fighting til the bitter end to get in. I think most people recognize that as well. We may well win the division, the conference, or the league, but it is far from guaranteed. Then comes the playoffs. The fact that no one seems to be talking about the playoffs and the core of our team baffles my mind. As cautiously optimistic as I am about the regular season, I am still incredibly confident about how this team will play when the second season rolls around. Why?.....Why not? This core has dispelled a lot of the memories of past playoff flops that we were all so accustomed to five years ago. This team steps it UP when it matters the most. In the past three years we won a Cup, lost in game 7 of the Cup finals, and fell just a bit short of beating a devilishly tough Anaheim team (who, with all-do-respect to the late Ottawa Senators, were the last thing standing in our way of taking home the Cup that year). I agree fully with Hitchcock that, no matter where we finish in the regular season, that the road to the Cup still runs through the D, and if Chicago or anyone else wants it, they'll likely have to pry it from Z's, Mule's, Nick's, and Ozzie's cold, dead fingers (figureatively, of course). I don't know if the new blood will replace a reasonable amount of the production that we have lost. I don't know that Z and Mule will both put up 40+ and Dats will finally top 100 points. I don't know if Flip can take the next step and become a 2nd tier superstar in this league (because I believe he has the potential). But I do know that we will have enough to keep us playing into April, and that's when this team will step up to a level that will make us sorry we doubted them so much on days like today. Whether that level will be enough to get the Cup back where it belongs remains to be seen. But we won't be going down without a hell of a fight.
  12. Chi is SOOO Screwed

  13. Chi is SOOO Screwed

    Awww. It's so simple. How could we all have been so blind!
  14. The leafs are the new ducks

    Meh. They're on their way to becoming a 'Ducks' style of team. And certainly they are looking more and more like a Western Conference team in the East every day (which bodes well for them definitely). However, most of these comparisons are made through looking at the back-end; 'Ducks-style' (as we are talking about it) happened at both ends of the ice. Sure, you had your Prongers and your Beauchemins on D, but IMO what really made that team nasty was guys like Getzlaf, Perry, R. Niedermayer, Moen, Penner (before he sucked), etc. These were guys that had a reasonable mix of skill and hard-nosed toughness. I feel that with all of the hype regarding the Leaf's new blueline (which, once again, is awesome), many have lost sight of the fact that this is a team who's best forward is JASON BLAKE ( a guy who can go for long stretches of being really good, and subsequently can have long stretches of being entirely ineffective). I realize that trading Kaberle with aid in bolstering the front end. I also realize that, oddly enough, the team didn't have much trouble scoring last season. What I am driving at here is that the current Leafs do not have anything close to the offense that the Ducks have had in recent years, neither in their hard-nosed appearance nor in their overall skill level. They've got a few skilled guys and few tough guys, but no one (at least that I can think of) that offer a good deal of both. With that said, I think that it is going to be a very interesting year in Hockey's Capitol, as I think that Burke has put together a team that is going to be tough to play against...for anyone.
  15. Jeremy Williams & Kris Newberry sign with Wings / GR?

    On the topic, I'm a student at UWO in London and I met and talked to Sam Gagner for a bit at Jack's (my favourite little night spot) on All-Star weekend this year. He was a pretty cool guy, but so damn tiny for a professional hockey player. I'm only like 5'11, 170 lbs and he was significantly smaller than me.