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  1. This is funny after listening to a lot of his podcasts with that lady on ESPN last year. "Lawton said the organization will honor the remaining years of the pact." He's still getting paid for 3 years of coaching? dang.
  2. *shakes magic eight ball* - "all signs point kicking your ass" whoa
  3. What?! Why would you say that? Hmmm. Maybe this is a good idea.
  4. I'm not worried about the Wings goaltending later this season. Why should I be? Teams like Anaheim and San Jose won't be able to score goals. Hasek who? hahahaha. And don't worry, Lebda knows what he's doing.
  5. Babcock is good. Some things worry me about him, if he can roll out the right line combos against a coach that knows the Wings well. I think he is a clever coach. I hope he can light some fires under the defence.
  6. The Kings look pretty good this year.
  7. I can say this thread really lit a fire under my ass. Parros for Downey. Yes I would agree to that.
  8. -Homer can score 40 goals. He looks good so far. -Datsyuk is best at assists. Can Hossa teach him to score more goals? -Goaltending, will it be good enough in the playoffs? Yes but Osgood and defensemen like Kronwall need to be at their best.
  9. Yes this will happen.
  10. I'm impressed. The Wings just beat the #1 team in the NHL right now. They did it without Zetterberg. Even though they looked rusty at times I'm excited they are still really good this year. I'm more excited about Filpulla Hudler and Cleary and the 3rd and fourth lines this year too.
  11. kjsdf awkejrh qkwjhr?! asdkhf!!
  12. Great speech. He should go on the California fathers trip and party with Cheli at his beach house.
  13. hahaha awesome game. Franzen rules!
  14. That guy is like "I hate this team."
  15. Chicago Anaheim San Jose Montreal EPIC!