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  1. Who would you most blame for a round 2 loss?

    After tonights loss definitely Howard. That 3rd goal was SO deflating. Anyone watch the game on TSN, and see the way Ericcsson, Lidstrom, and Kronwall reacted to him when he came over for a squirt? Pretty awkward. The 1st goal was pretty weak too, he had plenty of time to push off and slide over, but him being a rookie shows in little misteps (or extra steps) he takes that results in him lifting his pads off the ice. Don't get me wrong, without his stability down the stretch of the RS we wouldn't have even made the playoffs perhaps, so I'm not tottally throwing him under the bus and saying: "put ozzy in". But defintely, this one sits on Howards shoulders, a goal like that shouldn't ever go in on an NHL goalie, I'd even feel ridiculous giving one up like that in the mens league I play in. Who knows? Maybe philly will sign Turco, and we will snage Emery for cheap! But it's like it's been said, 4 goals a game is a little much, and right now Howard isn't stealing or really being solid enough for us to win games.
  2. Does Holland have the courage to tank this team?

    I have to agree, this season can be chalked up to injuries and under achieving. Datsyuk and Z have been subpar for the "2 best all-around forwards" in the league. It's not all their fault, but they are a part of the team and that makes them accountable. Especially given their salary. Iginla is basically having a new arse hole torn after this slide in Calgary. As much as I love Iggy, he is the captain and he is supposed to be their number one player. So yes, it is okay to hold stars accountable. Something I'm not sure Babcock or Holland have stressed enough.
  3. not surprised by this... this s*** happens inmy beer league all the time... facebook here i come
  4. Would you take Ilya Kovalchuk if Lidstrom retires?

  5. Samuelsson blasts Sweden

    not gonna lie i haven't read any other posts, but i laughed my arse off when i heard what he said. he should probably be on the team, as much as I wasn't crazy about him I wish we had him as a depth player right now.
  6. Lidstrom's Next Contract

    Just curious if anyone has heard what Lidstrom is expected to sign for, I was just going over our cap space at nhlnumbers.com and it'll be pivotal whether or not the the Wings will look to bolster their offence or goaltending following this season. Thanks, and sorry in advance if this has already been discussed!
  7. Yay! we're 28th in offense

    Agreed sir.
  8. Yay! we're 28th in offense

    I agree. We're really, really, starting to feel the effects of Franzen being gone. In times like this, it's no wonder our most prolific scorer is a big bodied, soft handed guy like Bertuzzi. Franzen is pretty much a much much more effective type of Bertuzzi. Datsyuk does need to step it up though, he doesn't seem to have that same threatening mentality he used to. He's making more and more errant passes, and for the type of money he's making, he needs to be a leader and put the puck in the net. Same goes for Lidstrom and Rafalski, one from the point on a PP would be great now and then, they've certainly dried up too. Let's hope things turn up.
  9. Cap Space?

    Okay, I've heard and injury DOESN'T clear up cap space, and that an injury DOES clear up cap space. What's the final verdict, my friends who follow hockey also insisted it did. If so, how much wiggle room does Holland have to play with? I'd like to see him make a move, even though he claims he's not going to. It would suck to scrape through this year and miss the playoffs for the first time in 20 years.
  10. He really didn't say that, did he?

    maybe he said something about the quality of an ikea product he recently bought, and the goaltender became extremely offended?
  11. If only ONE trade is made this year

    Steve Yzerman
  12. Sorry, Another Crosby Complaint

    crosbys wrist shot blows... that's all i have to say
  13. Kessel for Elias?

    I have Kessel right now in my hockey pool, my friend has offered me Elias. They're both returning from the IR soon, and I'm leaning towards accepting this trade, here's why: 1. Kessel will have virtually no one to play with as linemates in toronto. 2. Elias will probably be playing with Parise and Langenbrunner in NJ. 3. Kessels stats may have been inflated due to playing with Savard. 4. Elias, despite Kessels big year in 08-09, still had more fan points in my pool than Kessel did. Any thoughts?
  14. 10/17 GDT: Avalanche 4 at Red Wings 3, (SO)

    I'm a nail and you just hit me on the head.
  15. 10/17 GDT: Avalanche 4 at Red Wings 3, (SO)

    This is getting ridiculous. How he goes from so good in the playoffs to so lackluster in the regular season is beyong me. I sure hope Osgood doesn't need another "mental break"...Oh wait, he'll get one come olympic time i guess...Gotta have those mental breaks its tough playing behind one of the best teams in the league!