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  1. What about this trade?

    Osgood is ancient and doesn't have too many years left, but thats not to say someone wouldn't trade for him. It wouldn't be worth it to trade Osgood... the return wouldn't make as big of an impact as he does for our team.
  2. Future star John Tavares's

    love it :hockeysmile:
  3. Don Cherry Malkin Comments

    like when he said gilbert brule will be a better nhl player than sidney crosby?
  4. Avery comments & suspension

    Don't wash your dirty laundry in public... doesn't exactly fit this situation, but you guys know what I mean.
  5. Bobby Ryan

    if you made this thread in like 3,4,5 years and he still hasn't done "much", then maybe you can call him a bust. He has done the best he can so far with what he's been given, give him some time I am sure he will be a productive top6 forward in years to come. This thread is disgustingly premature.
  6. Helm up, McCarty tp GR (+ line combos vs Habs)

    straight up ig'nant
  7. #17 of the Boston Bruins - Milan Lucic

    everyone on LGW loves Lucic. He is great, i don't think anyone is going to dispute you on this one lol
  8. Your Favourite Hockey Analyst?

    b mack is awesome, i love him. all the guys on tsn are good for the most part. i also like listening to hardcore hockey talk on the score, steve kouleas and steve ludzik are good guys.
  9. Your 5 Favourite Non Red Wings?

    roenick jagr kovalev p. bure m. lemieux
  10. Does Anyone Else Miss Dom?

    i miss him like a sore thumb
  11. 11/11 GDT: Penguins 7, Red Wings 6 (OT)

    considering suicide after the game tonight... epic letdown
  12. Official Sarcasm Thread

    everyone who says crosby is soft and is a whiney crybaby isnt biased or uneducated at all...
  13. We dont have a 4th line

    it would have to be sammy and lebda for neil, ottawa knows he is the kind of guy who can hit,fight,score, he does it all. ottawa needs a forward to fill his spot and would get a respectable forward with decent scoring ability and good defensive awareness plus a puck moving defenseman which they so desperately want and need.
  14. Is This The Year? Commercial

    lol i think RW1914 meant that Hossa and Conklin should say they won't be in that photo again because they are on the wings and will be winning a cup in the very near future
  15. Oilers demote Brule

    don cherry can crawl in a hole and die, he is such a hater. what an idiot... was there any doubt crosby was going to walk into the NHL and be a star? at worst he was going to be a great player. now the guy is the face of the NHL and the best player out there today