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    Next Year's Roster

    This what I would do: Hudler (.75)-Zetterberg (2.65)- Bert (4mil) (I think Hudler and Z could click and Bert would be the physical back up) Filppula (.71)-Datsyuk (6mil)-Homer (2.25) (Homer and Dats click, and Flip is Z Junior. Perfect 2nd line) Calder (2.5mil)-Franzen (.941)- Grigerenko (1mil) (good 3rd line with scoring potential) Cleary (.623)-Draper (2.128)-Kopecky (.5) (4th line with good speed and a nice physical element with kopecky) Lidstrom (7.6mil)- Markov (2.75mil) Kronwall (3mil)- Hannan (4.5mil) Lebda (.65mil)- Quincey/Meech/ Ericsson(.6mil) Chelios/Meech (.6-.85mil) Hasek (2mil) Howard (.733) Total cap hit would be about 47mil, and would assume that Sammy, Lilja, and Ozzie were traded. Cap space could be saved by keeping Sammy instead of Calder, but I think Calder really adds something to the lineup. I'm pretty sure Grigs will be over and end up on the third line. Bert and Sammy vs Calder will probably be decided on playoff performances. I do expect big things from Hudler and Flip next year. Both have really come on as of late; especially Hudler. I think Flip is a little bit more worn down due to this only being his second lonnnng season and because he game is involves more skating. Hudler is really starting to play well though and think both should and will get top lines duty next season.
  2. 19 for president

    Habs talking to Wings

    Only way the Wings get Hartnell is if they trade like 5 1sts and Datsyuk to Nashville. Preds managment would be stupid to trade their major division rival exactly the type of player they need, unless they get a great deal in return. A three way deal could be possible but unlikely. It is doubtful that the Wings would land Hartnell. Now I still think the Wings and Habs could be good partners. I'd love to dump Lang on them, and get another Winger in return. Ideally it would be Ryder as he could immediately step in, but I wouldn't mind Perezhogin, Latendresse, or Kostsitsyn either.
  3. 19 for president

    Wings/Sabres working on a trade?

    Ok let me get this right. People want to trade for Afinaganov aka the flashier less scoring ability version of Samsonov (who could have been had for free minus the cap space) and Biron a solid starter but nothing spectacular and are ok giving up Kronwall our best defensive prospect and currently the only one even remotely close to having 1/2 capabilities. Then to top it all off you want to sign Markov who by all accounts plays a slightly grittier game than Kronwall and is just as injury prone not to mention older and more expensive. Yulp that makes sense. Meech will prob never make the NHL, Lebda will top out at a 4 dman (if he ever gets that far), Quincey will prob be a good 3/4 guy, and Kindl is a total boom bust kind of guy. Not to mention that Buf has no need for Lang whatsoever with Briere and Drury. The Wings cannot give up a top 4 dman, because as of right now they only have 3. Not to mention that no one ever thinks that there is a reason that Markov has yet to be signed in the offseason of overpayments for 3/4 dmen. The entire trade is just plain stupid from both the Wings and Sabres perspective.