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  1. DYags

    Wings vs. Philly - Oct. 12

    Hi there, I have a pair of tickets to this Saturday’s game against the Philadelphia Flyers that I need to sell because I will be out of town. Great seats, Wings shoot twice on the same side. $60/per OBO ($63/per face value). Similar seats going for $80+ online. - Saturday, Oct. 12 - 7:00pm game time - Section 211A; Row 11; seats 7-8 - $60/per OBO If they sell by Thursday afternoon I can ship them to you in time, otherwise I live in Berkley MI and will deliver them to you if you're close by.
  2. DYags

    Suter Watch: Decision today, down to Wings/Wild

    Per Malik Report: Update #12: The plane has landed, and the Detroit News’s Ted Kulfan says he’s waiting, but the Detoit News’s David Guralnick fired off more interesting news: I was doubtful that Suter is on that plane. But media are being denied acces to terminal where Ilitch’s plane will land. ... Media being sent off terminal property doesn’t mean Suter is on plane. Ilitch isn’t always up for a media scrum. ... Ilitch’s plane has landed. And Kulfan’s getting the shove-off, too: Police have booted us away from driveway Update #12.5: Here we go, from Ansar Khan: Wings plane returned from Madison 20 minutes ago. Media not allowed on grounds. No interviews allowed.
  3. DYags

    Shane Doan to test free agency

    I would love to have Doan on this team.
  4. DYags

    No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

    If it was for under $2M I'd be very interested. I can't believe so many people feel so strongly otherwise.
  5. DYags

    Spent Monday at the Joe!

    I'm kind of intrigued by the 2 red and white inhalers Jimmy has in his stall..
  6. DYags

    Custom shirts: Viva la Octolution!

    Apologies, I bought my 2 shirts in one order a while back when there wasn't a sizing chart - or maybe there was one and I missed it. I think I'll give it another go. Oh, and I love the 'Got no fun if you got no puck' design. I'd buy that one to. You should put the Letgowings.com on the top of the back of it
  7. DYags

    Custom shirts: Viva la Octolution!

    Matt, Your t-shirt designs are great, I have two of them - but you need to print them on higher quality and better cut shirts. I never wear mine because they're so baggie all around.
  8. DYags

    Money On The Board - Playoff Style

    I'm in for $1 for every shutout $3 for every Helm goal $20 per series win
  9. DYags

    October Schedule Wallpaper Now Available!

    Looks great! And 1920x1200 WOO!
  10. DYags

    April in the D

    Good news everybody! It doesn't suck. http://blog.mlive.com/snapshots/2010/02/fo...nnounces_a.html
  11. DYags

    Pavel needs a friend

    That was part of the reason I really wanted the Wings to pick up Afinogenov over the summer. Now I never thought he'd be putting up the numbers he is this year, but he would compliment Datsyuk nicely.
  12. Love the overall quality, but why does it look like Ozzie's letting that one in?
  13. DYags

    Around the league in 30 beers

    I liked the Rangers and Coyotes the most "New York Rangers are Dos Equis: Pompous, over rated and over priced, more concerned with marketing and sales than performance." "Phoenix Coyotes are Beck’s Non-Alcoholic Beer: No one has paid for either in years, no honest man would be seen supporting them, they’re both always on sale and both are things Jim Balsillie probably enjoys."
  14. DYags

    Does Ericsson make Lilja expendable?

    If anything, Ericsson makes Brad Stuart expendable.
  15. DYags

    Kyle Wellwood re-signs with Canucks

    I apolagize, I didn't realize they went to arbitration for that number. I thought he was a free agent.