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  1. Lets Go Wings!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to see more wings fans there then Blue Jackets so we drownd them out.... 3-0 wings
  2. I though I heard that he has a new one but did not want to use it b/c of how he has played.. But does anyone know of this news??? Is he going to let go of the cage mask and be like all the other goilies?
  3. I would like to see the wings win 3-1. I'll give them one goal just b/c you never know, but I don't want to see them give up any more.... Would like to see the Wings reduce the amont of goals against. -Mark
  4. :) Yeah that makes me Happy.
  5. No I would not be supprised if they lost due to these last 2 games but I like the Red Wings alot and I'm hopping that they will WIN!!! -Mark
  6. Yeah wow this sucks.. I'm in CT and have the blsck out too.... why...
  7. Lets Go Wings!!!!
  8. I'm supper happy that this is over and that Ozzie got a shut out of it too.
  9. Wow what a game.. I'm also ready to thought in my hat for Z.