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  1. lgw

    I used to work at Cabela's...he came in there ALL THE TIME. Pretty much saw him at least once a month. He was even in there the day after they lost game 7 to the Pens. I didn't talk to him that day.
  2. PS

    He's ready for another playoff run...
  3. Holland on TSN right now
  4. Might head up there, thanks for the info!
  5. How could we let Teddy Roosevelt go to Canada!?
  6. Made this a couple years ago, still relevant today...
  7. I for some reason thought the game was tonight!!! SOOOO very pissed at myself right now...
  8. That idiot hitting the glass constantly needs to relax...
  9. They just showed this picture during the game...
  10. Great news!!
  11. damn it
  12. Been using these for years...love it!!
  13. NHL twitter says "Major announcement coming today from #NHL! Will be announced approximately 11:00 a.m. ET." ...speculation is it's the Pens/Caps HBO thing
  14. The thing I remember most about this goal was that after he scored it and was sitting on the bench, he took a big swig of orange gatorade. Instead of drinking it though, he spit/drooled it out all over his jersey. It was like he thought it was water, disgusting!