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  1. Video of Abdelkader speaking on NBC following game??
  2. Sucks to be Team 990 AM in Montreal at the moment, eh?
  3. Or how about four? Good news.
  4. Looks like voting can be done here. Here's to this being the second- (or third-) best piece of news of the day. EDIT: Took me awhile to find the full list of nominees, but... - Datsyuk is also up for Best NHL Athlete. - "Pens Stay Alive" is up for Best Finish. (I'll be looking away from the TV when they play that replay.) Also, Crosby is up for "Hummer like Nothing Else Award." Um,
  5. Fort Collins Brew Fest is this weekend! Supposedly there will be samplings of Colorado's 50+ beers from all the local breweries (New Belgium, Odell's, Fort Collins Brewery, etc). Should make for a beautiful summer day.
  6. Yeah, definitely sounds like Drake is leaning towards retirement.
  7. Acquiring a certain Swede would make that game just a bit more interesting, don't you think? Also, I'm sort of dying to see the rest of the schedule. Mid-July (whatever that means) can't come soon enough.
  8. Well, Zetterberg doesn't see it happening:
  9. Whoa, what? I'm not disputing the possibility or that it may be a rumor. I just haven't heard that. I just did a google search for "hossa montreal," and all that came up were a bunch of trade rumors from February. Hmm. Is it bad that I'd like to see Hossa leave Pittsburgh just because I don't exactly wish success on the Penguins? Oops.
  10. Does the schedule really come out that late? For some reason, I thought mid-July, but that's one of those things I can never seem to remember.
  11. Tim Russert The election will not be the same without his marker board shenanigans. Tom Brokaw near tears is putting me near tears.
  12. And what does Babcock have to say? -- http://www.mlive.com/redwings/index.ssf/20..._as_head_c.html Have I mentioned that I love Babs? Yeah, I have. But it's worth mentioning again.
  13. Hmm, haven't found a video of it yet. But looks like it might be up here eventually. The video from June 5th, "Jim Rome Burns on the Detroit Red Wings," is worth a viewing anyway.