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  1. Just had to correct you - Detroit has the 2nd most, Toronto 3rd.
  2. GDT

    Pavel doesn't do it because its disgraceful, and he doesn't need to cheat to score on the penalty shot. Yes its not against the rules, technically. I am saying they need to make it against the shootout rules.
  3. GDT

    I shouldnt need to explain why the kane shootout move should be disqualified
  4. GDT

    Ahh the Kane slow to a stop and dangle like crazy shootout move... it should be illegal. SO lame
  5. Im pretty sure Cooke attempted to stomp Karlsson. Look at the replay, who does that when trying to pin a player? Its laughable that people think Cooke wasnt trying something fishy here
  6. You don't have a leg to stand on in the animal rights department if you're thinking of getting a burger for lunch - unless by 'getting a burger' you mean buying some organic naturally raised beef and making your own patty. Go read and get informed about intensive farming. These animals are enduring a life of misery, while those polar bears are living with freedom in their natural habitat. Hunting game is much more humane than 'getting a burger'.
  7. Jagr would have been great to have. I don't understand these "wouldn't want him anyway" comments
  8. Dan O'Halloran blows a call awarding the go-ahead goal? Say it isn't so!
  9. Im sure that there are a lot of teams out there willing to take on his contract before we are. And what would we be willing to lose for him, when we already have Jimmy?
  10. haha and Joe takes a roughing penalty literally 15 minutes after I post this.
  11. countdown to Jumbo Joe meltdown, 15 minutes...
  12. Guess we should start using that other ping pong thread cause this one has derailed...
  13. This topic actually reminds me more of this video
  14. You're delusional. Bringing up the moore incident is a ridiculous way to defend webers actions at the end of game 1
  15. Actually Nashville can't bar the wings from practicing on their ice before a game. Couldn't even imagine what would happen if they tried.