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  1. 2017 NHLTrade Deadline Discussion

    I don't understand all this Jurco misuse talk. What about earning a spot on the top lines? He was playing with lesser talent yes, but also playing against lines with lesser talent. He showed a flash here or there but never ever truly impressed.
  2. 2017 NHLTrade Deadline Discussion

    Absolutely. I would move our first rounder in a package for either of these guys. They're potential building block for this team and acquiring players of this caliber could help us kick start a rebuild. 1st + Nyquist/Tatar? I wonder if teams will go crazy to bid for these guys.
  3. Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    The only one we know that is on the market is Shattenkirk. And there are a lot of team interested with STL in no rush to move him. So I'm not bemoaning the lack of action from KH. I do hope he's talking about Shattenkirk. I hope he's talking about Trouba. But its not like we have a glut of studs to trade, the only one is Larkin and there is not a single person on this forum who would be ok with moving him. I'm not surprised a trade hasn't happened and I believe KH is looking to make a deal. I still give him a failing grade though, after the ridiculous Helm, Glendening contracts.
  4. Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    So what are we willing to give that would land us a Trouba or Shattenkirk? I suspect that Mantha would have to go in any such deal, plus a roster player like Nyquist. That's a steep price, but maybe we need to bite the bullet.
  5. Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    From what I'm reading and talking to Isles fans about they're feeling worse about losing Nielsen than Okposo. They really made a push to keep him. Quick read: Comments are worth perusing.
  6. Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    Helm would have gotten a similar deal had we let him walk....which I would have been fine with. Especially knowing we were going to sign Nielsen. Nielsen aav is fine, term is two years too long but I'm sure KH felt pressure to get a deal done. I think Nielsen makes the team better. i don't think you get a a top FA in the NHL without significant term these days.
  7. Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    I think we have to acknowledge that no one wants to live in Detroit. I certainly wouldn't. Boston is a great city.
  8. I'm good with this, ideally would have been for 4 or 5 years but the market is what it is. With this term wishing even more we didn't sign Helm.....
  9. Darren Helm re-signed: 5 years, $3.85m AAV

    I yelled NO in my apartment when I saw this thread. It's not that Darren Helm is not a useful player, he's good to have on the PK and in the bottom 6. It's that he's taking a spot I'd rather have a young player in and if we're going to give out too many years in a contract I'd rather it be for Okposo or Lucic. Or maybe we're not in the running for those guys. At this point I'd rather save the cap space for next year and try again with the top FA.....
  10. Kris Letang Facing NHL suspension hearing.

    Hit was slightly late, didn't seem all that dirty to me
  11. Fixing this mess....

    From the current roster: -Trade Howard (if possible). Free's up much needed cap space. Sign vet backup, hand keys to Mrazek. -Let Richards and Miller walk. Helm too if he wants more than ~ $3mil over 3 years. Quincy I would love to resign short term but let him walk too, unless we jettison Ericsson. -Resign Sheahan, Dekeyser, Marchenko, Mrazek and I guess Pulkkinen. Guys to target: -Obviously Stamkos. Guy is elite, we need an elite player and he's only 26. If you can sign him for anything under 10 mil/yr do it. -Yandle. I would be comfortable anywhere around 6mil for 4-5 years. Maybe that's lowballing him? Obviously can't do both Stamkos and Yandle unless serious moves are made. -Everyone else out there like Lucic, Eriksson, Ladd, Backes are going to want too much and too much term for their age. Let's not forget that after you hit 30 scoring production declines. I know it's never done, and KH is the least likely to make a move like this but I would throw an offer sheet at an RFA who's team is close to the cap. If the Bolts resign Stamkos they may have trouble matching an offer for Kucherov. Kid is 23 and not yet in his prime. If we can't trade for Vatanen, throw an offer sheet his way. Not realistic I know, but if you want a stud for his prime years this is the way to do it.
  12. Boy the Wings sure came out flat, but the last half of the game they put about incredible amount of pressure on Tampa and it's just unlucky we couldn't get that third goal. I don't blame Mrazek, the fault for the loss falls on our special teams. PP is a joke, pk stinks too.
  13. Not a chance this happens. Yzerman has been building his team there, you think he's just going to drop everything? That's silly.
  14. Wow not cool. I'm not even going to get angry about this, it's what I expected coming in. Too many weaknesses. They've definitely played decent hockey at times but it'll always come back to bite you. Mrazek playing is a no brainer. Would like to see Smith and Mantha just for the change.
  15. 1/25 GDT - Red Wings 4 at Islanders 2

    Just got home from Barclays. Thank god we're not going back to that hole that is Nassau Coliseum! Wings could never win there. Barclays was pretty empty, not surprising given the snow we had over the weekend. Probably half Wings fans too. From my view, it was a choppy, ugly game. A win, but Wings clearly need to be better to be a postseason danger. Hope we can make a trade before the deadline to improve.