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  1. I cant believe thats him
  2. i cant wait for the leafs to get good again. 06 teams good is good for the league.
  3. No kidding. I dont understand the logic in signing goalies to long contracts. goalies in my opinion are just to hot and cold.
  4. Bertuzzi didn't do much while in Detroit. Was he hurt while he was here, or just sucked?
  5. Sakic was and still is a class act. Sorry to see him go. Enjoy your retirement Joe!
  6. I think he would totally fit with Montreal. Make him the starter, get rid of Price, keep Halak. Montreal is going to restructure that whole team it seems, anyway.
  7. you know what, I have also heard something about him taking less money from something I read, I can't remember where though, dammit! I am figuring it was probably someones opinion and not his words.