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  2. St. James: Wings have inquired about Rick Nash

    You don't think the team he plays for has something to do with that.
  3. Lidstrom Signs 1-Year Contract Extension

    Do not forget he will probably move back to Sweden after he retires. Nick needs every cent he can get because he will be taxed to death.
  4. It's Official: Happy Hudler is Back

    He was more then sick in his head.. The only Swedish king (Warlord) that is recognized among the great leaders on the battle field is Gustav II Adolf. The Karl XII myth is just created by people that doesn't know better. He was handed an empire and when he died in Norway he more or less had ruined the country.
  5. It's Official: Happy Hudler is Back

    Mindfly... Why do you post a pic of Karl XII the biggest reason for Sweden to loose all that territory it had in the 17th Century..
  6. Anything new on Lilja?

    According to that site he will play in Grand Rapids next week.
  7. Pics from yesterdays game.

    Yes, It is Drapers son.
  8. Pics from yesterdays game.

    Go ahead. Save what you want.
  9. Pics from yesterdays game.

    I don't mind. We had seats in sec 122 Row 11.
  10. Pics from yesterdays game.

    Pictures from yesterdays game against Phoenix
  11. Lilja update

    Link to Swedish paper Google translation Lilja: "Feels like a bad hangover" Half a year ago threw Detroit's Andreas Lilja gloves in a fight with Nashville hill Shea Weber. He went so far beaten the doctors told him to stop playing hockey - now struggling 34-year-old to make a comeback. - Directly after the injury felt as if someone struck with a hammer in the head. Now it feels more like a bad hangover, "said Lily to Sydsvenskan. August 6, 2009 "I have a headache every day" Andreas Lilja has been fighting a ban of Detroit. Not so strange if you look at how badly things went last. Andreas injured himself so severely that he was half a year later still have a headache. - I can not play so physically yet, but I have had a few elbows to the head but I have had more headaches from it. Just after the accident, he was doubtful whether he could come back. The doctors said he should stop playing hockey. - Then it felt heavy. It was discovered that I have a lump of blood and brain tissue in the leak. They thought it was broken by the blast. Hope trouble-free years Later it turned out that lump was congenital and had nothing to do with the blast. Today is the Malmö brought up the hill back and train a bit easy on the ice with Rögle. But mainly it is cycling and strength training that apply. - It is very much ahead. The headaches decreasing every day. My goal is to be on Detroit's training camp which starts on 12 September. And he very much looking forward to making a comeback. Lilja's current contract with Detroit expires next year, after he is hoping for a couple of trouble-free years in the NHL. - I've had fights ban. I must keep away from fights.
  12. Hossa: "Its great to be in a hockey town."

    OK.. This will be my first post here.... I don't understand why people are pissed off because Hossa sign with a different team. I am sure if Holland could have given him the same deal Hossa would be a Red Wing. You cant expect that every player in the league would take a huge pay cut just to play for the Wings. It isn't like Holland gave him a $80 million offer over 10 years and he signed with Islanders for $100 million over 10 years. He signed with a team that came as far as WCF this season and with a chance of winning the cup next year. At the same time he got what he wanted, a long term contract. And this quote about Hockey town. I have no problem with it at all. He just said what people (hawk fans) expect him to say. And before people jump down my throat about my grammar and spelling. I am a Swede living in Michigan.
  13. The 2008 Trade Deadline Thread

    He cant sign with any NHL team until the season in Sweden is done.