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  1. Chris Neil re-signs with Sens

    The money or him staying with the Sens?
  2. Khabibulin to Edmonton

    Corey Crawford?
  3. Ian Laperriere to philly

    Worst in the league? Hyperbole much? C'mon...
  4. Crosby is Jealous of Zetterberg

    Crosby is a good player. Once he becomes more mature and realizes that he needs to be a more complete player, he will be a great player.
  5. Thoughts from the Penguin's Nest

    On the contrary, I know there are many Wing fans who do love Mike Babcock. Myself included.
  6. Thoughts from the Penguin's Nest

    Every fanbase has a collection of people that don't know hockey as well. Just because you found a handful of people supporting your opinion doesn't mean the entirety of the Red Wings fanbase agrees with it. So, stop saying "you all" when talking about stuff like this. The majority of Red Wings can see the production being provided by Hossa despite the relative lack of goal scoring.
  7. Thoughts from the Penguin's Nest

    Every team has classless fans. That's the nature of the sport. I agree that anyone acting like their fanbase is completely free of douchebags, well, they're kidding themselves.
  8. Right. How short-sighted of me. And you're in Sigma Chi at CMU? I'm in Sigma Tau Gamma, haha.
  9. Thoughts from the Penguin's Nest

    haha, beat me to it.
  10. Thoughts from the Penguin's Nest

    Here you go again with the whole scoring = production/stepping up debate. Is it maybe possible, just maybe, that there is more to the wonderful game of hockey than scoring goals? Like preventing the other team from scoring goals? That's a pretty important thing too, isn't it? Because, Hossa has done a fine job doing that if I don't say so myself.
  11. Thoughts from the Penguin's Nest

    If we're talking long term, he'd probably be fourth on my list of players I'd take behind Ovechkin, Getzlaf, and Malkin. Toews and Parise are in there as well, but I think I'd take Crosby over them. If we're talking about one year, do or die, he's way down the list behind players like Ovechkin, Malkin, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Lidstrom, Getzlaf, and a few others. He has a lot of developing to do which, to your credit, you are acknowledging.
  12. I love the Euro Twins together; however, I think splitting them up for Game 6 might be the smart play. Two Selke-caliber forwards on different lines gives the Wings more of an opportunity to shadow the Penguins' two high-scoring forwards in Malkin and Crosby. Cleary - Zetterberg - Franzen Filppula - Datsyuk - Hossa Holmstrom - Helm - Hudler Maltby - Draper - Samuelsson That's what I'd run out there, I think.
  13. Thoughts from the Penguin's Nest

    I live in Detroit. Trust me, I know how some people feel about Marian. And your second point about me cheering Hossa out of spite for Pittsburgh fans, you're giving yourself and your fellow fanbase WAY too much credit. I couldn't care less about you guys. I care about the twenty guys on the ice playing the game and seeing them hoist that 35lb. silver trophy at the end of the season. Outside of Claude Lemieux and Chris Pronger, I would cheer any Red Wing hoisting Lord Stanley's hardware.
  14. What our chances of winning @ Game 6?

    I'm not too sure. For some reason, I have a pretty good feeling about it. The Wings can taste the Cup now and I know we'll see a better effort than we saw in Game 4. I think it's going to come down to the third period. I do agree with some of my fellow posters who think that the extra day's rest will be a HUGE factor for Game 6. I like the Wings in a one goal game, but I'm also a little bit biased.