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  2. Free Press article Seems like a certain Newfoundlander would agree
  3. Go figure, he's a Pens fan. link
  4. You know how sometimes people get hit funny on the head and then all of a sudden they become really good painters or really good at math? It kinda happened like that. Only Mule didn't get hit in the head; Cleary did. Dan was on pace for a 30 goal season when one shin guard assassin shattered his jaw. Clears missed almost all of the rest of the season and the Mule stepped it up big time from there. I don't know how, but if anyone had told me back when Cleary broke his jaw that by the Colorado series Mule would lead us in scoring and Hank would be up there in penalty minutes I would have laughed at them.
  5. Man, I'm so stoked for this series It's Blood Feud, by Adrian Dater. A truly epic hockey book, I just read it for the third time this week.
  6. I've seen him play a couple times in Grand Rapids. He seems pretty solid, not afraid to go into corners, fights, throws hits, and oh, he scores goals sometimes too. Edit: spelling
  7. It announces the presence of Jordin "the playoff sniper" TooToo on the ice.
  8. that made my evening Good work chap
  9. Beautiful finish
  10. FRANZEN!!!!
  11. It's on FSN Detroit as well, not sure about any other channels
  12. I feel like a little kid a Christmas... less than 15 minutes LETS GO WINGS!
  13. That is quite possibly the most pathetic thing I have ever heard. What's even more pathetic that half of their "fans" still don't know the difference between the goal line and the blue line.
  14. PS

    Dan Ellis now realizes that he has made a terrible error.