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  1. Setoguchi

    I am sick of people saying stuff like this. It is not against the rules to be in the paint, even when the puck goes in the net. It is against the rules to interfere with the goalie. Get over Homer being in the blue.
  2. Knee on Knee

    I am not saying that Dupuis is a dirty player but direct line to the puck or not Helm was in that space, which means that Dupuis hitting him is at the very least interference. The fact that he hit Helms knee just made it that much more dangerous.
  3. Knee on Knee

    Pat you need to watch that replay again because you can see that the pen looks at Helm and doesnt try to avoid his knee. That might not be the typical Kneeing call because he didnt stick his knee out but it was obvious that he intentionally him Helms knee. I dont really think it was a coincidence that Helm was playing the game of his life either.
  4. Lindsay on Vladdy

    The dealership is being sued because the car was not built safe enough and didnt even have front facing rear seat belts. As far as Vladdys wife goes (from what I heard from a family friend) she has never helpped him. After the accident she would swear at him and call him a "retard" and said that he was a waste. So I say good riddence.
  5. Trotz says that Z's goal shouldn't have counted

    Normally I tend to agree with what you say but it doesnt seem as though you even watched a replay on this. I watched the replay about 20 times in slow-motion and it looks like the linesman moved back into neutral ice after getting hit with the puck (while standing over the blueline). So at best this was an iffy (although I think completely correct) call. calfan--- As for the trip you think should have been called, that was a follow-through on Z's poke-check that got the puck to Pav, so since he hit the puck first it was completely legal.
  6. Bitter Canuck fans

    Yeah, all I ever read in the GDT is the first post to find out lineups etc. the rest of it is just too long and too much of the same thing. So I didnt see any of the bashing. Of course we can be friends but I dont want to kiss and make-up ok. edit for grammar
  7. Bitter Canuck fans

    Sorry I honestly didnt realize that there has been alot of Canuck bashing on this site. I wasnt trying to upset anyone.
  8. Bitter Canuck fans

    You are right but a title of "bitter canucks fans" gets more attention than "bitter hockey fans".
  9. Bitter Canuck fans

    Congratulations on your team being able to “slaughter” a team with 4 of 6 defencemen injured and a minor league goalie. You are the type of fan that hockey doesnt need the type that thinks someone should beat up someone else just for wearing an opposing teams jersey. You are pathetic. Posted by Cole from Michigan on 02/25 at 03:56 PM Trini -- Thanks! But I must ask: is there such thing as an unhealthy Canucks obsession? I think we can leave the mental health worries to those lunatics who dare wear the Wings jerseys on the streets of Vancouver before a HNIC matchup. As for the blue hair… that sounds like a dare. Hmmmm. Anyone wanna make a 2008 hockey bet? It’s been a while since I’ve done something truly stupid… Cole -- I empathize with the Wings.Vancouver was missing most of its top-4 D through long stretches of this season, too. But that’s not the point. The point is I was just joking and you’re taking it way too seriously. So don’t whine to me about “pathetic”. Get a grip on yourself, man—your team has 89 points and still 18 games to go. Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy beating them the ONE time it happens all year long. Good grief. Posted by Alanah from British Columbia on 02/25 at 04:04 PM You arnt “pathetic” because of the slaughter comment. You are pathetic because you said “Well, it was actually just their jerseys on a couple of random white guys apparently out looking for a beat-down… but still… *shudder*.” That type of thinking is pathetic. Posted by Cole from Michigan on 02/25 at 04:43 PM Holy, Cole. Chill. After all, you are reading a little blog called ‘Canucks and Beyond’. What do you expect? Her to cheer for the wings? Posted by Laker from BC on 02/25 at 04:52 PM I have yet to find myself relating to any hockey/wings fan that thinks that someone in an opposing teams jersey is asking for a beat down you sound just like the leafs fans that pushed around and verbally assulted an 8 year old for wearing an opposing teams jersey. Posted by Cole from Michigan on 02/25 at 04:57 PM Wowsa, tough crowd here. And just HOW many people have been ragging on the Canucks over the last few weeks (even their OWN fans) geez. Give us a break. Posted by Rebecca from Vancouver on 02/25 at 05:04 PM I’ll give you a break when you stop acting like retards, Eh! Freakin canadians Posted by Cole from Michigan on 02/25 at 05:09 PM and re: You are pathetic because you said “Well, it was actually just their jerseys on a couple of random white guys apparently out looking for a beat-down… but still… *shudder*.” In Vancouver I’ve seen some pretty scared folks wearing Red Wings jerseys say… after the Lidstrom shot ‘heard round the league’. I think Alanah was just alluding to the fact that this is one hockey-crazy town and we’re pretty happy our team was able to defeat the Wings especially since we’re coming off a slump ourselves. Posted by Rebecca from Vancouver on 02/25 at 05:10 PM I’m willing to guess that Cole is an University of Michigan fan, thats how they all act. Unfortunately many of them are also Red Wing fans. Just ignore them. Keep up the good work Alanah. Posted by Sp4r7an on 02/25 at 05:40 PM Cole, We have online pharmacy’s here in Canada that are well equipped to supply you with all the Prozac you need. They are perfectly willing to ship across the line at deeply discounted rates vs. your local pharmacy. Please, do take advantage of it. Alanah, please, no more attempts at humor. It brings out the weirdo’s. I think this one might be armed. Posted by Laker from BC on 02/25 at 05:55 PM It is a little bitter on both sides
  10. Bitter Canuck fans

    The bitter part is in the comments section, and yes I forgot the "c" in canu"c"ks sorry.
  11. Bitter Canuck fans

    I was poking around on KuklasKorner and saw this http://www.kuklaskorner.com/index.php/Cand...ring_vancouver/ I thought it was pretty funny
  12. Hossa Sweepstakes down to four teams?

    You need to stop talking. You are starting to bring me back from never-never land.
  13. Hossa Sweepstakes down to four teams?

    Who is to say that Babs isnt just playing a PR exec. just incase a deal falls through.