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  1. November 2015 Schedule Wallpaper Now Available!

    looks good! Great job!
  2. Gordie being honored in Saskatoon and he gets to be there

    i live in saskatoon and people have been excited about this for months, it was a pretty big deal when his plane landed here yesterday. Another cool thing is that Gretzky is going to be the mc for the event. Apparently if you have tickets everyone that is in the room can get pictures, autographs ect. I looked on kijiji last night and a single ticket was going for $1600. i guess bobby and brett hull, marty mcsorley and scotty bowman will also be there.
  3. 'District Detroit': Red Wings' New Arena Details Released

    Is there a plan for the old seats in the joe? i feel like when they tore the forum down in montreal they sold seats in pairs. would be pretty sweet to get a couple.
  4. Nyquist Jersey

    Agreed on, top notch all the way. Ordered a Lidstrom jersey and i think i had it in just over a week shipped to canada. ill definitely be getting my winter classic jersey from them.
  5. Saddledome Under Water

    So if the stadium is unusable when the nhl season starts where would the flames play?
  6. ya, these syracuse announcers confirmed that the neutral zone is 7' smaller than normal size. weird.
  7. Minor Bright Spot in Light of a Lockout Fan Contest

    November 11th, 3:30pm est
  8. One good thing about the lockout...the only good thing

    Playing in nationwide should be good. Our junior team(saskatoon blades)are getting alot more fans out to the games this year and its decent hockey. I bought season tickets to the blades ($100 bucks more than we paid to see the wings in toronto last year) and were also having the memorial cup here this year. even though the lockout sucks hockey in saskatoon this year should be real good.
  9. [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

    This whole situation makes me sick...
  10. 2012 Lockout Watch

    I cant help but think that the owners would want there would be a salary rollback and not be on the hook for these crazy contracts they handed out. Isnt that why the players were so big on getting guaranteed money this past summer?
  11. You have to pay to read the rest of the article? Nice work espn.
  12. #7 Washington Capitals vs. #2 Boston Bruins

    I think i read on tsn that Braden Holtby will start.
  13. Defenceman Hurt

  14. Top teams are looking to deal

    disappointed yes, surprised no.