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  1. Lidstrom and co. needs to wake up tonite on the back-end. If Lidstrom, our anchor, doesn't show some brilliance, we're in for an early playoff exit. With our incomparable lethal offense, our gem is still supposed to be our TEAM defense. It's our (not so) secret to success, and right now it's not working. If we don't stomp a tired Tampa Bay team that just got SHUT OUT by the Panthers, there's something wrong. Tonite is vital to the momentum and confidence of our team. GO Wings. 3-0 win. 41 shots to Tampa's 21.
  3. Ugh, the picture is terrible on FSN, and NO HD tonite. I love using binoculars from my chair.
  4. Gametime, *******!
  5. Even if Sammy is told to shoot a lot, you are still not talking about what the poster said. He said he shoots it right into his stomach every time, and that he rarely makes the right pass. And i will gladly second that. Him playing 2nd line on the Powerplay is also something I disagree with. Stuart has a bullet. I say throw him in there until Sammy can work on his shot. Not the power of his shot, but the execution. I'm not saying get rid of him, but he can easily work on those areas. He's good for what he makes, and he's part of a Cup winning team, so keep him around. Plus, Babcock loves him, and I'll trust his judgement. He's given me no reason not to.
  6. Don't miss a beat. Pretend this is game 1: part 2. Shut them down and snipe that s***. GO WINGS!
  7. Where can I get that avatar as a bigger pic? And what exactly is that?
  8. Hahahaha... I heard that. I'm like "wait a minute there; Henrik and Sergei? fellow country? eh?"
  9. hahahaha. Off he linesman to keep it in the neutral zone. KARMA!
  10. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :siren::beerbuddy::siren:
  11. Give it up for Dallas Dan O'halleran! :flamingmad:
  12. I'll think what I want. Is it really that impossible? I mean, c'mon, watch this game..... They want Sidney to have plenty of naps and juiceboxes before the Finals.
  13. Agreed. And I thought they only did that in basketball.....
  14. Unreal. 22 seconds left. Deflating. This is bad. Their first lead. Let's see how we respond.