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  1. Bounty on Bettman

    i would be more than happy to do this, but i will need 2 things... a lower bowl ticket close enough to get-er-done and gas to drive home to detroit from alpena. any takers? (and yes i would seriousely do this)
  2. Youtube Pre-Game Videos

    i always thought it was called "i like hot sauce" (im just being dumb, but when i was a kid i thought it sounded like they where saying "i like hot sauce, i like hot sauce a whole lot")
  3. Youtube Pre-Game Videos

    whats it matter to you or this post? liked the kids enthusiasm no doubt... but i never like a biased analasist... regaurdless if he is fore my fav team or not... theres always good and bad to both teams.
  4. Brad Stuart Appreciation Thread

    for the first and last ******* time, to the extreamly childish ****** on a forum board who thinks hes god... i am, and have... take the butt plug out your ass and relax a little there cap
  5. Joe Vision

    joevisions of past were no more than 7 or 10 bucs last i went.
  6. Brad Stuart Appreciation Thread

    im just praying he gets his head outta the flesh curtains and signs a long one w/ the wings and tells his g/f to kiss off.
  7. well i took tonight as my mark to make my debut in the photo shopping(although i used paint) enjoy
  8. the DON'T FINE AL petition thread

    the wings fans should respond by donating to a fund to pay al's fine. the buffalo fans did it for lindy, lets do it for al! also, i think we should stage a record number of octopi thrown at game one of round 2.
  9. Catfish!

    polls up to $10 and a sixer of strohs... great deal for a underaged teen lol ;D
  10. Manny in studio on Vs

    he didnt... he said game two... the preds will take game two... and hes a jerk for going against a team that got his name on the cup.
  11. press conference on detroitredwings.com @ 3pm 4-11-08

    my god this guy is annoying... malt test... one............. two.... malt test... one... two is any one getting video w/ the audio cuz im not, its all black screen.
  12. Catfish!

    there ay go pools at $10
  13. Hockey players that resemble entertainers

    best ones by far sackik zet turc brie def ovi gets the best one
  14. Catfish!

    ok ok ill get a pool going here... ill buck in 5$ to the pool. first person to come on here before a game, and say look for me to toss the octopi holding/eating the catfish at exactly(so and so time of so and so period) will win the pool... and im dead honest. add to the pool people it will be sweet.
  15. Round 1 Playoff Wallpaper Now Available!

    saaaaaaaaaaaaaweet!!!!!!!!!!!11 thanks matt!