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  1. Nope - I think they did what they had to do...chump change was in context of the overall discussion not the specific trade. I think Holland did the best he could do and got far more positive out of his trades then he lost out on...:)
  2. Maybe the truth hurts? I'll meet you back here in 3 years and we can reassess bragging rights. To me this is the start of the tear down and Griffins/prospects are unknown commodities. Meanwhile Z gets older and the defense is still porous. They dumped grit and a solid scorer for chump change and got an unexpected return for Smith. Nothing else has changed and their picks are in a weak draft. Tatar, Nyquist and Larkin were supposed to elevate the squad this year and you are banking on mid-tier prospects for a playoff run? Sorry but I see a two more years of pain with more selling next year. Patience isn't a bad thing in hockey...
  3. I was far more surprised at what they got for Smith then by the assets they acquired for Vanek as I never felt he was worth more then a late second rounder in the rental market. To me, this signals that management is publicly acquiescing to a 4-5 year rebuild instead of the quick 2-3 years that fans were hoping for by anticipating lofty returns on every deal just because a few teams reached or panicked early on. Kenny of old would have stood pat and offered a two year extension out of loyalty.
  4. A very sad day for Wings and Tigers fans but the city of Detroit just lost a vital part of it's soul. He will never be forgotten!
  5. Very sad news - R.I.P. young man...
  6. I feel for Burns but Fred Shero deserved to be in the hall for decades and it's a shame he never got to see his enshrinement after the success he had in the 70's. That was one of the longest overdue inductions in the NHL.
  7. Sounds a lot like Helm from the scouting reports. Hard working checker with limited offensive skills.
  8. Excellent pick; great bloodlines too. His grandfather (Andre Pronovost) played a couple seasons seasons for the Wings in the 60's. Oops make that the 60's.
  9. I just read about the SoCal game on another site. They used the 1991 Vegas preseason exhibition that was played in 85 degree weather as a comparison and template for a successful outcome. I'm surprised the NHLPA isn't fighting this because of the threat of injury. They can't even maintain quality ice indoors during the spring in the south let alone outdoors.
  10. I almost spit out barley pop when I read that...
  11. I removed the NHL from my Yahoo scoreboard. That was the sum amount of any following I did other than TV.
  12. I moved out of Denver two years ago. It was a great place to live but Colorado in general just has an "on edge" vibe about it. Having lived there it does not surprise me when I hear something like this happened. 90% of the people are friendly and fun but the nut-jobs just seem to take extremity to a new level. It's a lot like Portland or Oakland in that regard. Violence is everywhere and it's a shame anyone including the pretty young blogger had to suffer such a tragic ending to their lives.
  13. According to P-Daddy his decision is coming any moment...
  14. Brad Park - hasn't been mentioned yet...