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  1. This year vs Last year

    im sorry, please explain your amazing grading system to me. It obviously escapes my grasp. what is the system based on? what attributes does it measure? and when do those measurements warrent a +-x? what are some of the variables within the system that you had to counterbalance? how long did this grading system take to develop? when will it be used by the NHL? Im sure the greatness of such a grading system wont go unnoticed for long, have you thought of getting it copywrited?
  2. Too fast for the refs?

    we need to replace the refs with robots that are equiped with computers
  3. This year vs Last year

    using random numbers like they actually have value to what you are discussing: -12.23 my new elven battle sword with darkfire: +5
  4. This year vs Last year

    random grading system : -10 effectivness of your post : -4.36 laughs i got from reading it: 2.2