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  1. Vermette is a solid depth player and amazing on faceoffs. Yes Kesler and Bieksa lost but just being there is good for players mentally the 2nd time around. Like i said out of the teams left I really want the Preds to do it but history is not on their side.
  2. Yup ducks are the only hope left
  3. Lose by 7 and not even 1 goal against a timbits quality defense. Sens do not belong here. Series is over. Really hope the Preds or Ducks realize that Pens defense is vulnerable and jump on it. NHL is becoming unwatchable.
  4. Vermette won it with Chicago, Kesler and Bieksa went to the finals with the Nucks
  5. When one team has been in the finals and the other team has never made the scf the team with the finals experience has never lost. Out of the teams left I would love for the Preds to win it all but i don't see it happening. Really hope im wrong.
  6. When bums like Rowney, Wilson and Maata are racking up points you might as well just show yourself out. Rather actually have the Ducks go through to play the pens since they have the cup experience. Preds would likely choke.
  7. Ottawa looks to be a fluke. They are playing against absolute nobodies on the penguins blue line. Pathetic showing by Anderson. They are done. Karlsson is a horrible captain. Go Preds/Ducks
  8. Haha Sheahan 2 timing tonight. Hope perhaps.
  9. Blashill still clueless, Holland still not budging. Yes Wings have injuries but the Caps lost most of their roster tonight and still found a way to win. Only players that we could get a decent dman for at this point are Mrazek Howard and Larkin. Larkin needs to stay i would understand a goalie going.
  10. i saw everyone push on the caps except Ovi, the guy sucks in meaningful games did nothing with that pp time but wind up for predictable shots and was mostly stationary, i think if they changed the point for that pp time they would get a game 7. once again though Ovechkin is one of the worst in the nhl when it comes to pressure games
  11. Blues thank you for making hockey watchable for the rest of the playoffs, for me it is now anyone but the ducks or pens
  12. only because they sucked and sucked and sucked x another 15 of those and got lucky with some picks and the Wings got screwed with the salary cap cause it was boo hoo unfair for the rest of the league