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  1. Blashill still clueless, Holland still not budging. Yes Wings have injuries but the Caps lost most of their roster tonight and still found a way to win. Only players that we could get a decent dman for at this point are Mrazek Howard and Larkin. Larkin needs to stay i would understand a goalie going.
  2. i saw everyone push on the caps except Ovi, the guy sucks in meaningful games did nothing with that pp time but wind up for predictable shots and was mostly stationary, i think if they changed the point for that pp time they would get a game 7. once again though Ovechkin is one of the worst in the nhl when it comes to pressure games
  3. Blues thank you for making hockey watchable for the rest of the playoffs, for me it is now anyone but the ducks or pens
  4. only because they sucked and sucked and sucked x another 15 of those and got lucky with some picks and the Wings got screwed with the salary cap cause it was boo hoo unfair for the rest of the league
  5. just having to see Toews and Kane jerseys everywhere after never seeing a Hawks sweater pretty much at any time before 08 is what annoys me.... hurp durp i was always die hard... sure save it for your blog and the NHL loves them which makes them even more gross, lol at Chawks fans booing bettman like we did ahah he is licking your teams bum you idiots
  6. they shouldn't even play the game
  7. roll over and sleep blues you suck so bad, hawks and their fans make hockey unwatchable have to depend on the Ducks Shorks Stars or Caps
  8. if they can't finish this series they should move the blues as well. pathetic all around, they have the players they are just giving up think im just going to watch ufc, this game is over
  9. they should have just got swept instead of giving me hope that i wouldn't have to see the NHL's bum boys and their 7 year old fans for another game
  10. thats it F U Blues, feel bad for their fans, that team's history is consistent failures in the NHL how do you blow a 3-1 series lead and game lead?
  11. dont blues this up blues, if it goes 3-3 in the game than this game and series is over seriously... get on the offensive you clowns get these bandwagon birds out of the playoffs PP time for a Tarasenko snipe
  12. omg blues plz do dis for the good of the hockey world plz
  13. Blues have to be the biggest failure of a franchise overall, always seem to be up there but never get it done and probably never will.