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  1. Every time we've flown to Detroit for some games, we've gotten AMAZING deals on hotels. Not to sound commercial, but your best bet is going to Priceline, to the "Name Your Own Price" feature. We've stayed at both the Doubletree and the Marriott Renaissance. I think we stayed for $45 a night at each place, or something close to that. Just go to the website, choose the downtown area and 4 star, and low ball. If you don't get anything, check back the next day with a higher price. It's a little late to be going about it, but the hotels get your bid immediately after it's been accepted on the website, and you're sure to get something great. Good luck!
  2. Wow! Those are fantastic.
  3. Nah, you're good. The Joe Louis website mentions that they do not allow over 80MM attached or detached lenses, which I doubt that you're packing. And really, when we went last year during playoffs, I said that I had a camera and opened my bag, and the guy just waived me along without even inspecting. I think you'll do just fine. And have a great time!!
  4. First, I love that everyone is creaming themselves over Downey. We're halfway through the season, but it's about damn time! He's full of confidence and energy. He's 100% heart. And right now, he has a lot to prove. He definitely earned himself a few games, in my opinion. With the injuries, we've got a little wiggle room. Sit Kopy. Give Downey some love
  5. That was hilarious! The announcer sounds like he's about to have a seizure, he's so excited.
  6. If only for one day, I wish I was Pavel Datsyuk.
  7. Nope. This is the wrong answer. Nothing about him screams quality, classy hockey, which is what the Red Wings organization is all about. The only step-up this guy deserves is a medal for his ability to defy physics. Equal and opposite reaction? Not Tootoo. A love tap (let alone not touching him at all) tosses him to the ice like a thrown rag doll. And he wont even step up and be accountable for his actions. Childish, weak and cowardly. The whole league could do without.
  8. He's a miserable coward. Fortunately, every game he plays is an increase in the chance that he'll get knocked the hell out some day. And don't even start with those damn whistles. Unbearable.
  9. Call me a *****, but I can't understand any of this. Can someone translate?
  10. I'm so excited for this game. Not only because of it's potential, but because I'll finally catch it on HD television rather than buffering-right-before-someone-scores internet streaming. Hoorah!
  11. HAH!
  12. Fantastic GDT. Looking forward to a great performance, and the return of Cleary!
  13. Franzen is a monster. WE NEED TO KEEP HIM! Get it done, Kenny!
  14. Comes up around the 4:40 minute mark. Good for a giggle.