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  1. 4/5 GDT : Washington Capitals 2 at Red Wings 1

    I'm on vacation and the condo doesn't get NHL Network...but gamecenter has it blacked out. Anyone know where I can stream the game today?
  2. Preds Managemant Charging Hawks Fans Double

    So all you have to do is buy the single game tickets on ebay or stubhub and you don't have to buy the second game at all. No big deal. The Predators should worry more about how crappy their offense is as opposed to how many visitors fans are in the building...
  3. G Joey MacDonald asks for trade

    Yes Lebda would be way worse than Meech...
  4. G Joey MacDonald asks for trade

    In true Holland fashion, he will probably trade Joey Mac to Winnipeg for Derek Meech... Please don't!
  5. Jiri Hudler signs with Calgary, 4 years, $4m/year

    Who's gonna serve bench minor penalties now? Thanks for the good times Huds!
  6. Nick, Homer retirement, New Captain

    No way on earth Parise gets an "A" if we sign him. That's not the way the wings work. You have to put your time in in Detroit to get a letter on your sweater. Hossa didn't get one. Hull Didn't get one. Robitaille didn't get one. Larionov didn't get one. He could definitely get one in a few years as long as he busts his ass for us. That is why Holmstrom wore an A when Dats was out. He rotated with Kronner. I really thought they should've let Stuart wear an A when Dats was down to show him how much he means to this team so that we could attempt to keep him. Its a foregone conclusion anyway. C - Zetterberg A - Datsyuk A = Kronwall
  7. Why do other NHL teams' fans hate the Wings?

    I think the main reason why other fans hate the Red Wings is because of the classic "Yankees Syndrome". To put it bluntly, the Red Wings are so good every year that everyone is just sick of them winning all the time. Basically, they are jealous.
  8. 3/20 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Canucks 3 (OT)

    Does anyone have a link to a live stream of tonights game? please help! thanks
  9. Zetterberg needs to step it up

    BS...Z had a step on him and could've used his body to protect the puck at least giving himself a better opportunity or drawing a penalty. Watch it again. Either way, Z took the less physical way out and didn't get as good of a chance as he could have.
  10. Zetterberg needs to step it up

    Hurt or not....Zetterberg needs to start working harder. A perfect example was last night when he had a partial breakaway and decided to stay to the outside. He really didn't drive the front of the net and give himself the best chance to score. This is a guy who has scored 40 goals and is pinned to be captain after Lidstrom. I'm very annoyed with his unwillingness to take it upon himself to get this team into the playoffs. Pav is doing it. Franzen is doing it. Homer is doing it. If Z doesn't start doing it....he won't get the chance to step up in the playoffs like he always does. I love Z but now is his time to get going. Didnt he just start making a ton of money this season? time to earn it.
  11. Lidstroms Defensiv Partners

    Doug Brown was a forward.
  12. Stuart has far from a "weak ass shot"! In fact, he has a great shot. Before he was a Red Wing he played the point on the PP regularly. While he does make a defensive mistake occasionally (Backstrom)....He has been very very good since we got him. I'm not saying he is top pair material but he could fill that void until another one surfaces....he's definitely top 4 on every team in the league.
  13. The Next Red Wings Dynasty...

    Are you saying $4 million for Jimmy Howard?? no way he gets that imo...maybe 2 - 2.5 on his next deal if he continues to develop...especially with the talent coming up behind him
  14. So pretty

    Dude...there are 2 versions of that game that are newer and better....don't you think its time?
  15. Someone needs to find the Red Wing Voodoo doll

    I think a lot of the injuries are a result of the entire team not having the intensity it needs for the way other teams play against them. What I mean is, every other team in the league plays the wings like its game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals and the wings have played so much hockey in the past 3 years that the team just wasn't staying as focused as they need to. That is when you get hit hard by the opposition and get injured....If you watch Ericssons injury, you can see that he didn't even know Doan was coming until the last second. And boom...he's hurt. Less intensity can also mean less communication from your teammates.... on the flipside...i thought they played more intense last night than most other games this season. They finally controlled the play and I wasn't too afraid when the Coyotes were pushing in the third...just felt like one of those games we were in control of offensively and defensively.