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  1. Yellowknife Redwing

    Yellowknife Redwing

  2. Yellowknife Redwing

    Identify an autographed puck

    I've looked through all the players who played for us during Carson's tenure (1989-90 to 1992-93) and I really can't seem to match any names.
  3. Yellowknife Redwing

    Identify an autographed puck

    I believe the first one is Jimmy Carson
  4. Yellowknife Redwing

    Puttin on the foil!

    Stole this from another forum, but I figured you guys might enjoy it We signed Ogie Oglethorpe and Johnny Upton Maybe we can pick up Denis Lemieux to play backup?
  5. Yellowknife Redwing

    Leino, Flip Snr who's next years surprise pick up?

    I'd offer Radulov a nice fat contract, but isn't he still obligated with the Predators?
  6. Yellowknife Redwing


    Why didn't Modano play? Because he's been terrible all season long and never came close to earning a steady roster spot.
  7. Yellowknife Redwing

    Canucks' GM Questions Officiating

    I'm sure it's mostly gamesmanship on his part and the amount of whining from Canucks fans has begun to border on ludicrous, but the Canucks have absolutely been getting the shaft from the officials in this series. Vancouver is getting nailed with a lot of tickytack calls while Chicago has had some obscene after the whistle antics go unchecked. It reminds me a lot of the DET/SJS series last year where it was completely lopsided the entire time. Ideally they'll put the whistles away for game 7.
  8. Yellowknife Redwing

    Interesting draft point

    Always a mature way to start a conversation by making baseless assumptions; way to go. I just checked the schedule and aside from the team Canada U20 tryouts, I've seen him play 9 times this year. He's a good skater with decent hands but I don't believe he's ever going to be anything more than a checking center, and even then his compete level leaves a lot to be desired. He doesn't shoot the puck enough, is soft in the corners, lacks creativity in the offensive zone and gives up too easily in physical confrontations. I'm not saying there's no chance of him making the show and of course there's a chance that he will become an excellent pro, but I've seen nothing so far that warrants his draft position. He's got loads of time to develop and I'd gladly be proven wrong and eat some crow, but I've been a nay-sayer from the moment he was drafted and I will continue to be until experience forges him into a useful NHLer or proves him to be a bust.
  9. Yellowknife Redwing

    Interesting draft point

    I'll be the first to say that Sheahan's progress to this point doesn't give me a whole lot of confidence in drafting "bigger and stronger". I have very little faith that Sheahan will be an effective NHLer.
  10. Yellowknife Redwing

    Modano will retire if Wings make SCF

    He should retire either way. When it first became official that he was joining the team, I imagined his potential basement and ceiling with the club this year and he actually managed to do worse than my lowest expectations. Modano makes this team worse.
  11. Yellowknife Redwing

    Unbelievably bad goal.

    It's impressive how you can be so arrogant with your post, yet so wrong at the same time.
  12. Yellowknife Redwing

    Core Pt.2

    CBC/HNIC is Canadian programming aimed at Canadians, funded by Canadian taxpayer money and has been broadcasting hockey coast-to-coast in Canada since 1952. Those of you arguing about CBC having a Canadian bias are borderline retarded. Just to be clear, we're all operating on the understanding that CBC stands for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, right? I literally cannot remember the last time I saw a Canadian team playing on the NHL on NBC. I don't even know if I've ever seen it in my life.
  13. Yellowknife Redwing

    Here's how we win the cup

    You want to slot a guy in at 2nd line LW who has 4 goals in 36 games? Modano has looked "good" for all of about 5 games this season.
  14. Yellowknife Redwing

    3/30 GDT: St. Louis Rams 10 at Detroit Lions 3

    Loving the thread re-name, very clever.
  15. Yellowknife Redwing

    Jimmy Howard injury

    In J-Mac we trust. I have no problem letting him take the reigns and would be equally as comfortable with MacDonald in the playoffs as I would be with Howard.