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  1. CanadaBoy

  2. Good eye.
  3. Can someone find/post this?
  4. Anyone have highlights/video of shootout?
  5. Thanks man!
  6. Still looking for a stream!
  7. Oh dear god no! But hey, I am happy with 23 wings in a row at home. EDIT: And lets not forget, Jimmy is back
  8. Keep that glove save in mind during the 3rd.
  9. STFU, both Howard and Elliot are having outstanding games. Deflection and puck that should have been blown dead.
  10. Howard, using his head
  11. Has texting worked for anyone? Texting Howard to 81812 doesn't work for me.
  12. "As of Saturday, Howard was 11th in voting, garnering more than 71,000 votes." Let's help him win: You can vote up to 30 times at on your computer or mobile phone!
  13. I was hoping Dat's would pass to Lidstrom, but he redeemed himself
  14. If the NHL was going to use a 8,8,7,7 split, this makes the most sense to me: Don't want the Western teams to lose revenue from the Wings? Fine. Swap em with Columbus.