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  1. Is It Just Me Or.....

    completely random but god i think they could pass as triplets.
  2. Kessel to San Jose
  3. Sykora Possibly Coming To Detroit? "Meanwhile, the Red Wings are also interested in Sykora. According to the Booth News, the Wings have contacted Sykora's agent, but have yet to offer a formal contract. "
  4. Grier Could Bring Some Diversity to Hockeytown

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I never thought this thread would turn into this. He is a great player. All I am saying is that adding someone who isn't white for once would be a nice change of pace for our team and the sport. Stop morphing this thread into something it isn't.
  5. Grier Could Bring Some Diversity to Hockeytown

    Guys. obviously if there was a player that was better than Grier and was any other race, it wouldn't matter, we would pick the better player, regardless of skin color. I am not a stupid person that promotes diversity with no logic or proper reasoning behind it. All I am saying is that if Grier is brought to this team, for his skill not race, that it would be beneficial to all facets of the organization and surrounding aspects.
  6. Although hockey brings players from all over Europe and North America, the lack of black players in the league compared to other major sports is quite noticeable. If the wings were able to bring someone like Grier to the team, I think that the prestige and talent of this organization would further encourage more black players to join this great sport. Besides Calgary, no other current team in the NHL really has a black player that serves as the face of the organization. Of course Jerome has earned it and definitely has the skill to back it up, but there is no reason why another player could not attain the same position. With the obvious racial diversity that Hockeytown possesses, I believe that a player like Grier's trade to Detroit would not only further inspire black youth to play hockey in the D, but everywhere else where hockey is popular. Thoughts?
  10. Vladimir Konstantinov Great video.
  11. ENJOY
  12. My dad tells me that his coworker used to play hockey with babs at McGill, and babcock is being really nice to his old friends and got them awesome seats. NBC might put the camera on them tonight, so I just wanted to make sure you guys were informed.
  13. Streams for The Game Tonight there are several you can choose from just scroll down once at the page to view them.
  14. What a dream series for the NHL. The league's two best players, Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals and Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins, are going goal for goal, assist for assist, in an Eastern Conference semifinal series headed for a deciding Game 7 Wednesday night. In Game 2, a captivating 4-3 Capitals win, both guys scored hat tricks. Five of the games have been decided by one goal, and three have gone into overtime. It's a once-in-a-decade duel — the kind of rare treat that somehow exceeds the hype. So tonight, tune into channel 603, and catch the last game of an instant classic. That's right: channel 603, square in television's Yukon Territory. Since the hockey playoffs are on Versus, formerly known as the Outdoor Life Network, viewers in many markets will have to search the hinterland of channel listings in order to watch the games. Versus is channel 603 on DirectTV, and its placement isn't pretty on cable, either. On Time Warner Cable's Los Angeles system, it's channel 267; in New York, Cablevision puts Versus on channel 146; and in Dallas, Versus gets prime position on channel 254. Of the nation's 115 million television households, some 40 million do not even get Versus. (See pictures of runners-up.) Due to Versus' limited carriage and penalty box position on many channel lineups, what should be a transcendent series for hockey in America is barely cracking mainstream consciousness. Versus has carried all of the Penguins-Caps series except for Game 1, which NBC broadcast on May 2, and has averaged 1.04 million viewers, according to the Nielsen Company. The series is drawing a smaller audience than last year's College Baseball World Series, on ESPN, when it averaged 1.4 million viewers. On May 8, only 647,000 viewers tuned into Game 4 of Penguins-Capitals, making it the 81st highest-rated program on cable that night. The Crosby-Ovechkin dream duel clocked in behind both a Batman episode on the Cartoon Network (1.5 million viewers), and a "Reba" rerun on Lifetime (930,000). The Los Angeles Lakers-Houston Rockets NBA playoff game on ESPN, with nearly 6 million viewers, came in first. The May 9 NASCAR Sprint Cup race, a regular season affair, drew 7.5 times more viewers than Game 5 — an overtime thriller — shown the same night on Versus. How did hockey skate into this mess? Coming out of the 2004-2005 lockout, Versus outbid ESPN for rights to hockey games. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman chose cash over the increased exposure any sport gets from ESPN, which is currently in 98 million homes. While the game has gotten better — new rules have increased scoring and phenoms like Ovechkin and Crosby gave the game new blood — Bettman lost a mainstream audience to which he could market this improved product. So while Ovechkin-Crosby plays out in the wilderness, Bettman should wonder what might have been. (See TIME's picks for the best and worst sports executives of 2008.) Many hockey insiders are frustrated. "Quite frankly, I don't believe people know what Versus is, and I still don't know what they do," says Chicago Blackhawks chairman Rocky Wirtz, whose team will face the winner of the Detroit-Anaheim series in the Western Conference Finals (Broadcast on Versus, of course). The players' union has already griped about getting back on ESPN, but that's not happening anytime soon. The NHL and Versus are stuck with each other through 2011. So enjoy tonight's Game 7. Just get ready to climb up the dial.,8816,1897847,00.html