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  1. Hahaha this post is classic! I'll definitely come up with something
  2. I wish I could participate this year but I can't do the bracelets or any jewelry because they would get filthy/destroyed at my summer job. Everyone's stuff looks really great this year, I love the beaded necklaces. Keep up the good work!
  3. I'm with you on this. I'm a U of M student, but grew up attending all NMU games and I still follow them. I have a bad feeling that all of the small schools are going to be lucky to keep Division I programs running for very long.
  4. I'll be there! It'll be my first Wings game, so I'm hoping for a good one
  5. I'm in. This was an excellent idea!
  6. lgw

    I'll be there in the student section. Go blue!
  7. We've sent down uninjured players before; Meech went last season.
  8. It has to be a joke. In the last second of the video as they're cutting away you can tell Eberle just starts cracking up.
  9. Not illegal, and that wasn't the first or last time a goal was scored like that. ESPN article
  10. I saw it in the fall of '08, it was brought to Yost before a Michigan hockey game at the beginning of our season. Got to touch it and have my picture taken with it.
  11. We get 32 and 75, and Tampa gets Ashton... damnit.
  12. It actually comes from the song F**k It (I Don't Want You Back) by Eamon, from 2003 or 2004.
  13. The one rap song I picked up on early in the game was "Welcome to Detroit" ft. Eminem by Trick Trick. Maybe that's it?
  14. Everyone's bracelets are looking good! I wish I could participate this year, but my job does not allow jewelry of any kind I loved doing it last year, but oh well.