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  1. Sounds like he had a questionable hit, possible suspension worthy.
  2. Good weekend boys!
  3. Penalty fill period And it continues
  4. Great.. here we go.Y
  5. Holy s***, settle down..
  6. Another soft one..
  7. Jesus Helm.. Sheahan, damn it!
  8. Come on Mraz..
  9. Atta way boys! Win on out and here we go.. playoffs lol
  10. AA ******* slow down.
  11. Holy f*** Mraz!!
  12. Don't even know what that is so...
  13. Do I dare say this but so far this game they aren't playing like they're in last.. playing pretty good I think.
  14. What a play.
  15. Grrr didn't know this was on NHL network..