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  1. Come on Mraz..
  2. Atta way boys! Win on out and here we go.. playoffs lol
  3. AA ******* slow down.
  4. Holy f*** Mraz!!
  5. Don't even know what that is so...
  6. Do I dare say this but so far this game they aren't playing like they're in last.. playing pretty good I think.
  7. What a play.
  8. Grrr didn't know this was on NHL network..
  9. Did you know there is a drive thru funeral visitation?! Man really getting off topic but look it up!
  10. Just heard a beautiful joke that I even had to laugh. What does the titanic and red wings have in common? They both are at the bottom of the Atlantic.
  11. You could've saved this awhile ago had our s***ty GM did something, yeah now it's to late.
  12. I'm about 5 seconds away from going home and starting a fire blashill twitter and ripping him apart.
  13. Fire Blashill, f*** that s***ty coach.
  14. LOL have a good night everyone. I'm at the nursing home visiting my grandpa sleeping and I would rather watch him then these scrubs.
  15. Ducks player got 10 for slashing the ref last night (didn't see it). My guess is we keep the 10 going.