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  1. Larkin!! I was yelling at the tv in the bar I'm at lol.
  2. Should be Abs goal.
  3. I believe it's on NHL network as well
  4. Should make a topic for each team or something?
  5. Parade to the box has started
  6. To many men again, for f***s sake.
  7. Oh my god Howard!
  8. He ran into the net LOL. Done
  9. Should be like 5-0 lol wow...
  10. Should be 2-0... why everyone quit skating?
  11. There goalie is good...
  12. f*** you kdding me. 1 shot, 1 goal..
  13. Where's the crowd? Seems dead there..
  14. No one is doing the game tonight?!
  15. I'm 20-2-1 online for NHL 17 with Wings so... maybe?