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  1. Atta boy Ott!
  2. Happy to see you!!
  3. Glad we came back down to earth...
  4. Should be a win, on FSD only?
  5. I've notice this since day 1 on how the ice seems to complete s*** there. Well found out the reasoning behind it. @ChrisBottaNHL 1. NHL source: Floor piping system at Barclays Center in Brooklyn does not meet NHL standard requirements for ice-making. 2. Barclays has PVC piping. All other NHL rinks have steel pipes. PVC cannot maintain ideal temp of 21 degrees for NHL play. 3. Only solution is to tear up Barclays Center floor and install proper piping. Not easy, but should have been done in offseason. 4. Arena mgt knows this and hasn't fixed it yet, which is inexcusable, brings down caliber of play and is potentially dangerous. 5. New Islanders owners want to fix the ice problem. Likely another big reason they are looking at other arena deals. Thoughts?
  6. Larkin!! I was yelling at the tv in the bar I'm at lol.
  7. Should be Abs goal.
  8. I believe it's on NHL network as well
  9. Should make a topic for each team or something?
  10. Parade to the box has started
  11. To many men again, for f***s sake.
  12. Oh my god Howard!
  13. He ran into the net LOL. Done
  14. Should be like 5-0 lol wow...
  15. Should be 2-0... why everyone quit skating?