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  1. ps

    Is this the one you are looking for?:
  2. Holland has said will let him bypass the AHL if he can prove he can play as a top-6 forward, so it's all on Mantha at this point. A couple of recent quotes from Holland:
  3. Matt does an amazing one for each round, it should be out in a few days so just keep an eye out for it.
  4. Hey Kook, did you happen to make this? Some people over in the Red Wings subreddit are looking for a higher quality version to print off as a poster. Link to the thread if you can help them out.
  5. Or Sammy's if one of them does.
  6. lgw

    Awesome as always Matt, thanks!
  7. That hasn't been the case for a while, the contract that is in place right now started in 2011 and is a 10-year deal for $2 billion dollars that has NBC paying the NHL about $200 million a year. The deal before that had NBC paying the NHL roughly $17 million a year, though I'm not sure when that one started. The deal you are thinking of was back from 2004 and lasted 2-4 years, I can't find specifics though.
  8. Yup, he's been off for over a year now, so something like this was bound to happen. And in a way it might help Kenny out a bit too, he has a bit longer to make a deal now.
  9. You're right, but its both games and days. He needs to miss 10 games and 24 days before he can come back, which means he is eligible to play after Thursday.
  10. Pretty sure they do this to let the players and staff get used to the cameras, I'm pretty sure I remember them doing this for all of them.
  11. Article This happened during the summer development camp, and while I understand that the kids have to try and show what they can bring to the team, I don't think fighting between teammates is a way to do that, especially when one ends up injured.
  12. Datsyuk one looks pretty good: Perry one looks a bit off though:
  13. Nope, they are inviting both. I thought it was pretty funny when London and Saginaw played.
  14. We would still have a $2.1 million dollar cap hit though, so not much better.
  15. That was for compliance buyouts only. Teams can still use normal buyouts to get rid of players.