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  1. GDT

    Franzen is no longer "The Mule", he should be called "Driftwood". He just floats around like dead wood... Get rid of him Kenny!!!
  2. GDT

    At least we might have a chance tonight with Mrazek. Jimmy can't stop a beach ball lately.
  3. GDT

  4. I'm PISSED!!!..............That he dosen't play for the Wings, I wish that our guys were that excited to play.
  5. gdt

    We are 100% perfect on the powerplay.... O and FOREVER! Babs should put Lashoff on the #1 PP unit, at least he isn't scared to shoot the puck......just saying!
  6. THE OMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. It's official... we are the bottom feeders of the NHL. We are " O and FOREVER" on the powerplay. Samuelson shoots wide and will never register a shot on goal. He and Quincey deserve the "Traffic Cone Award" because that is all they can do is stand around. Poor Jimmy can't stop a beachball........... OK, I feel better, now where are the BOOBS?!!
  8. The MULE has become the "GOAT", just saying.
  9. GDT

    With the extra 9 million in cap space could we at least buy a goal or the set of BOOBS. Either way it would make me feel better..
  10. GDT

    Looks like the return of the "Dead Wings" era. I checked around the league watching other games and the Wings looked the worst. God help us when we play Columbus....