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  1. Hartigan, you cant use your stick like that. Smarten up.
  2. To be expected. Have we had 1 goaltender interference penalty go our way this season?
  3. Someone needs to tell the Wings that the goals dont have to be pretty, they just have to go in the net.
  4. Need to be better in the 2nd. Mac needs some ice, I want to see a couple fights. (Lilja thats means YOU!)
  5. Account is suspended till April 8th. Couldnt take not being able to talk about fights and the Wings for a whole month
  6. Not to worry, the Wings will win this game. It's probably the biggest crowd all season, gotta win it.
  7. Hard for me to watch too, but imagine how that feels as a player? We havent won in a cup in 6 years. This is gonna be our year, it has to be.
  8. I cant take this again as a fan, The Wings as players definately cant. We're going all the way this year.
  9. Gonna be a good one tonight I hope. I really dont like Hartigan being in over Downey, this is the kinda game where St Louis will take liberties, I have a bad feeling this one will bite Babs in the butt. But with Toivenen in net, we're gonna roll the Blues over tonight. 6-1
  10. Sammy out the rest of the regular season? Nice, we get to see some more of Downey and Mac, maybe even together.... but it looks like if everyone is on schedule, we'll be 100% for Game 3 of the playoffs?
  11. That wouldnt be such a bad thing. Lots of good, tough, big players there. They can fight in the NHL...
  12. Totally!
  13. If he wins, or draws. And were up by a goal or 2, I bet the Joe gives him a long, looong ovation.
  14. Cool, I hope the Remparts arent too affected by having empty buildings. Fans love fights, if you ban them, thats a joke. I love the QMJHL, you cant ban fighting. It's one of the best parts of hockey and the fans love it. Really sucks that the St Johns Fogdevils have to move to Quebec, now my favorite team wont be as good. Really too bad. But hey, not like anyone makes fun of the french for being soft.. oh wait. (Nothing towards the french, just banning fighting makes me sick.
  15. Thats a shame, was really looking forward to the Leafs playing the Habs in the first round. Well, I hope the Caps make it at Phillys expense now.