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  1. wingnut4013


  2. wingnut4013

    Everyone chill out!

    It's just one game. Can we please not fly off the handle after game 1? We still have a solid team and the layoff has alot to do with it. Keep in mind most of our guys didnt play a whole hell of alot during the lockout.....Jeezus what is it with you ppl already counting us out?
  3. wingnut4013

    2012 Photoshop War: Predators vs. Red Wings

    Let's go! Big game tonight!
  4. wingnut4013

    Bitz suspended two games

    for his hit on Kyle Clifford. Its pretty s***ty that they suspend him and not Weber Bulls***. heres the link. Discuss
  5. wingnut4013

    Chants From The Joe At Game 3?

    You sir are what we call a bandwagon fan. Don't come running back when we win this series
  6. wingnut4013

    Nyquist in game 2

    Its a huge blow with helmer out, but i like what i saw outta nyquist. i have alot of confidence that he'll step up and do just fine. go wings!!
  7. wingnut4013

    I guarantee we win this series

    Theyre not nearly as talented as us and pekkerhead can be beaten! lets keep the faith guys!
  8. wingnut4013

    I guarantee we win this series

    Prednecks got lucky last night. We'll win in 6. Oh and look for weber's ***** ass to get kronwalled
  9. wingnut4013

    Shea Weber fined for Zetterberg "headslam"

    Its all good. Lets hope his ***** ass gets kronwalled in game 2
  10. wingnut4013

    The one thing you dislike about anaheim.

    CHRIS ******* PRONGER!!!! I HOPE HE GETS ******* MUGGED!!! Oh and I ******* HATE GETZLAF!!! Hes a little *****!
  11. wingnut4013

    whats wrong with zetterberg?

    Who cares?! As long as they peak in march that's all that matters! Its a long season and its early. All that matters is that they're ready come playoff time. My god you people are ignorant!
  12. wingnut4013


    I mean we'd be better off bringing up Jonathan Ericsson and pairin hime with Derek Meech. Anyone else agree?
  13. wingnut4013

    We will sell out every game this year.

    I guarantee we do. With the Tigers and Lions sucking it up, the Wings and Pistons are all we have left. So therefore we will sell out every game. 20,066+ will be at every game this year.
  14. wingnut4013

    have any of you ever written to NHL players?

    Yeah my good friend sent hate mail to Chris Pronger and Chris sent him an autographed picture that said "thanks for being such a fan." It was really funny.
  15. wingnut4013

    I have a REALLY bad feeling

    That we will lose games 6 and 7. I just don't know if I see us winning another game against Dallas. I have to admit I'm scared. Your thoughts?