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  1. WingsfaninGermany

  2. Live Stream

    I'm in Germany and would like to watch the game. Does anyone have a live feed?? Thanks LGW's
  3. 2,000 Posts for Game 7 Win

    GO WINGS!!! I'm not ready for the playoffs to be over yet!!!
  4. Red Wings Practice Today

    Babcock did mention that they are 'getting out early' (from PHX). John Keating then asked if the players would have the day off, which is when Babs made the practice comment.
  5. Red Wings Practice Today

    Yes I heard it. Actually surprised me that he mentioned the location. Too bad I have to work, otherwise it would be worth checking out.
  6. Hitchcock fired

    I thought he wanted to 'make the Red Wings bleed' this season. So much for that!
  7. The 2008-09 Pittsburgh Penguins

    Let's hope the same outcome can be written about the Wings this June. I'm just worried they are worn out from numerous seasons of deep playoff runs. Maybe the time has come to 'sit' one out and re-group. Although a Stanley Cup would be nice...
  8. New Arena Name?

    The Sam Bernstein Arena
  9. Courmier suspended for season, playoffs

    Glad to see the right thing was done here. That was an awful hit.
  10. Empty seats in section 110?

    The rafters?
  11. Empty seats in section 110?

    I could have the section wrong. Damn.
  12. Empty seats in section 110?

    Anyone know why section 110 was empty for the beginning of the 3rd?
  13. John Tortorella

    The NHL will most like see this as 'unprofessional', which it probably is. But I can't help loving the comments he makes. It is really entertaining.
  14. Wings Stars Live Feed

    Sweet thanks!
  15. Wings Stars Live Feed

    Does anyone have a live feed link? Did not see one in the GDT. Thanks and GO WINGS!!