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  1. 93 to the rafters!

    Fedorov will make it into the hall, that is something I can say with confidence, but we wont see #91 in the rafters, because ill tell you why, to get that honor, first, youd have to be almost a lifer, like Yzerman or Lidstrom, because heck we know hes going up in the rafters. A lifer that has done great things and has followed great lengths to Make the Red Wings Successful. Fedorov did great things in Detroit, but I cannot see Mike Illitch Honoring him like that. because of the way he left, and his past history with his money disputes repeated themselves in detroit, and well, I really dont think that he needs to be up there, because really, to be up in those rafters , in oppinion only and as a wings fan, I feel you have to be a lifer, shanahan , sadly will never make it up there, he will be remembered like fedorov, but he wont be there either, then you have ozzie? its a good toss up, because im not sure if he will make it, but you know, im not an osgood geek, but the guy has done some good stuff in Detroit. and i wouldnt be surprised, because that stanley cup added another feather to the cap and hes proved his worthiness or so i feel. but I think Sergei is one of those ones we wont forget, I liked him but i dont think thats enough. anyways, i gotta scat for now, excuse the long drawn out words, take care all!
  2. LGW Fit Club

    thanks for all the tips everyone, im going to use them trust me.. i have had to calm down on alot of the fast food because well, i got depressed.. i know it sucks, but thats what i ate, and realy.. im embarassed now that I did this to myself but im going to do everything in the world to change it.
  3. LGW Fit Club

    I guess im kinda new in this thread, I dont say much, normally Im just a big time reader, but this thread caught my attention, I have been trying for about six months to lose some weight and well, only ten lbs has came off, I think I just have really bad relapses and I dont come out of it quick enough to realize. doctor says I have to do something soon, but for being 5'7'' I dont look like i weigh alot, but the scale says otherwise, needless to say if I dont lose something Ill be border line diabetic, which is something I dont want to have to go threw, I could use some support on the whole diet thing, because really I am not good at it. so Ill be in touch, I have calmed the carbs down and have been doing alot of salad, we will see where it goes! Ill be back with more updates soon!
  4. Dedications

    to all the fans in Detroit and everyone else around this world. Amazing night, another dream come true. but dang NBC for no celeb ration coverage.
  5. Official Wings Cup Parade Information

    im going to try to go! i hope ic an!

    I have to agree with you puckloo. your right..
  7. Fighting, Keep it or leave it?

    this would be as bad as sobotka being fined for twirling octopi!? do they really need to take another thing/ tradition of dropping the gloves away, not only that it would lose viewers, but doesnt that make hockey, well, hockey? Something to think about when a question is posed like this, because wouldnt you need oxegen to breathe? well you take this out of hockey it will be fancy figure skating with a stick , puck, goalies, forwards and defenseman, they might as well wear the lil tootoos like the olypic skaters sometimes wear.. maybe nylons as well?

    we just have to play like a team, Dom cannot pull a full series. give each goaltender a couple games.
  9. Trotz says that Z's goal shouldn't have counted

    Im ready for the next game.. trotz needs some cheese with his whine. seriously - it gets sooo erratating, you get to hear him gripe just because the preds lost. at least thats what it seems like, he is a ranter and rambler. he is just upset they lost pure and simple. lets move on, next game will be the bomb im sure.
  10. Should Sergei Fedorov's number be retired in the future?

    completely agree, this should be an honor not a manageri of good players.. it shoudl be the best of the best, not also dedicated to the organization, but the ones most effective for the wings like howe, or yzerman or lindsey, those guys deserved the honor.. osgood wont be up there. i can tell you that, good doesnt make him the best.. ala what jedi just said.. great post jedi i agree completely.

    To Everyone: lets put it all into thought, i think both will be played during the playoffs. the end will show whos better, blah, blah blah, realy its a waste of time and energy to argue that ozzie or dom is going to start, really does it matter as long as we have one of the two doing well? tis true Detroit Fans are hard on their goalies, but stuff like this can get down right annoying. if anyone knows the definition of team work please post it up.. oh wait, i have it here.. Team work: (webster dictionary) : work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole this is the most important part, not about who has the best resume.. because really your going on resumes it seems, who has the most cups, or who the coach says is most efficient.. true enough id like to see dom in there, but i also know, it has to be for the better of the team. so ill go with whatever babcock decides because i am sure a coach would know his own team better than i would. **May the best goaltender be in net**

    ya y i have a new friend

    hey i love dom like the next person, you dont have to prove it to me, prove it to them.

    this just sounds like a blatent rant or attack, both goaltenders have done equally well in their careers... you have to constitute it as what is better for the team in the playoffs .... meaning lets test the two goalies out, i think thats fair, as far as this rant, it seems like you are really adimate on the hatred. but really, lets worry about the playoffs ... not why a gpalie gets a starting position. and that idea of yours is not really true.. im not a hasek junkie or an osgood junkie, but i am calling it as i see it.