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  1. The "No-Goal" discussion

    Sorry, I'm not a Buckeye fan and I absolutely HATE Miami. But that call was one of the worst calls I've ever seen. There was NO pass interference at any point in the play (especially nothing that a still poster could show) and the ref threw the flag. Go watch the replay again. The OSU receiver can bring both hands freely up to the ball, there is no body contact and he just doesn't make the catch. There isn't any contact until the ball hits him in the hands and the ref takes about 10 seconds to throw the latest flag I have ever seen in any football game ever. Maybe he had intent to throw the flag. Worst call I've ever seen in such a critical juncture.
  2. The "No-Goal" discussion

    But where in the rules does it say that it isn't a goal? Was it determined to be non-reviewable? I read the article on and I saw mention of "Intent to Blow the Whistle" but that doesn't make sense given the video evidence. He lost sight of the puck because it was in the net. That's where it went. Unless he lost sight of it before May shot it.
  3. The "No-Goal" discussion

    Granted there have been bad calls in bigger games. OSU vs. Miami 4th down pass interference in college football. Brett Hull stealing Hasek's cup a few years back. But the call from last night in inexplicable. I understand when there isn't conclusive video proof. I understand when the puck slowly trickles in and the ref blows the whistle because the puck appeared coverd. The shot didn't "trickle" over the goal line. There was nothing obstructing the view. The puck was shot and it went in the net. There was no point between when he shot it and when it went in the goal that would have You can say you lost sight of the puck and meant to blow the whistle but there was no time in which the puck was not visible and not in the net. Watching the video there is absolutely no possible way to say that it wasn't a goal. There is no technicality that makes it a goal in everything but the scoresheet. It's mind boggling. Shot. Goal. It's the simpliest call I've ever seen go to video replay. And they get it wrong! The only way he could have meant to blow the whistle would be to say that he meant to blow the whistle before the shot was taken. Which makes no sense. In the long run it won't matter but still
  4. The Unofficial "It's 4.5 hours to game time, and I can't

    Game won't start til 8:15. And my computer apparently can't wait either because the thread title is too long.
  5. So close and yet so far. Win it tonight, Wings! I will go insane if I have to wait for Game 7 and have to play another elimination game.
  6. Why can't anyone simply state this?

    It isn't that the Red Wings aren't good without Pavel Datsyuk. It's that they are better with him.
  7. Why can't anyone simply state this?

    This discussion doesn't even to involve Pittsburgh. Regardless of their opponent, Datstyuk contributes significantly to the Red Wings in more ways than just the scoreboard, and having him on the ice is a huge benefit.
  8. Why can't anyone simply state this?

    Good read, and he kinda hints at it.
  9. Why can't anyone simply state this?

    I don't think it's a disservice to the Pens to say that Datsyuk is one of, if not the best player on the Red Wings. Any team is going to be better with their best players healthy than without. It's also not the Penguins fault that Datsyuk was injured (although I disrespect Talbot for trying). I'm sure any Pens fan would rather beat the Red Wings healthy than beat an injured team.
  10. Why can't anyone simply state this?

    But even after the game, no one would say it.
  11. Why can't anyone simply state this?

    There was a lot of talk about Datsyuk's return and the difference that made to the team. However, I never read anywhere in the media the simple truth. "Anytime a team gets a player who lead the team with 97 points, was among the league leaders in +/-, and is nominated for ANOTHER Selke award, the team is going to get better." Or "Datsyuk, like Ovechkin and Malkin, is up for League MVP. Why wouldn't you expect one of the three MVP candidates to make a difference/contribute?" No one in the media seemed able to wrap their minds around such a simple concept. Either that or they judged it too obvious to say which is one of the problems with the NHL today. Just call it like it is. "Cheap shots" =/= "leadership." Babcock is the only person I saw who even came close stating that Datsyuk is to the Red Wings what Crosby/Malkin is to Pittsburgh, where would the series if you took one of them away? There's no craziness here and no disrespect to Pittsburgh but when a team capable of winning in the Stanley Cup Finals without their best player gets their best player back, what else would you expect to happen? It's simply really.
  12. Penguins Lines for Game 4

    Well the calls/bounces are going both ways. I was just having a little fun.
  13. Penguins Lines for Game 4

    Here are the projected lines for Pittsburgh for Game 4 Malkin-Crosby-Talbot-Guerin Kunitz-Crosby-Guerin-Cooke Fedotenko-Malkin-Talbot-Satan Dupuis-Staal-Kennedy-Adams Orpik-Gonchar Eaton-Letang Gill-Scuderi Apparently, Bylsma is taking advantage of the new rules changes.
  14. Great work! Love it. Hard to tell anything changed.
  15. Best $2 I Ever Spent

    That's pretty funny. Worst $2 I Ever Spent: BewareThePenguin's mom. I didn't even know you could have that many STDs.