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  1. David


  2. David

    Games on FS-D+

    I'll give that a try, thanks!
  3. David

    Games on FS-D+

    I can record, but I can't fast forward.
  4. David

    Get ready folks, hitting is about to exit our game

    I take that more to mean "A lateral hit to an opponent where the head is targeted, etc. or a blind side hit to an opponent where the head is targeted, etc." Therefore, only on lateral or blind side hits is targeting the head or making the head principle point of contact illegal. Isn't that how English works?
  5. David

    Worst call yet?

    Rick DiPietro, meanwhile, really doesn't want to play out a full season
  6. David

    Teemu Selanne whining

    Tell us how you really feel
  7. David

    Official Detroit Lions thread

    That sucked. At least the NHL isn't the only league with rules that end the game on a horrible note
  8. David

    2010 Finals schedule.

    Potential deciding game on VS. Those aren't eastern time zone times, right?
  9. David

    Matt Carkner Triple ot goal

    It's pretty clear the play-by-play guy had no voice left. His "he scores!" call was the same as the one he always uses, except with more rasp to it.
  10. Crosby hate is suffocating here. Sheesh. Guess what: He acts like a 22 year old put in a highly stressful situation. He's a human being who gets frustrated, angry, all sorts of bad emotions! And he's a pretty boring interview (like 99% of athletes). He's also a beast of a hockey player. He's gotten better every year. He also works his ass off to hold onto the puck, get in good positions, etc etc. He may not have the best attitude, but he clearly has a passion for hockey and he's beyond talented. Ignore the childish actions of someone who's barely an adult and just admire the way he plays. You'll get over it. If you've watched the Pitt-Ottawa series with your hate glasses off, you might have realized why he gets all the accolades he does. On-topic: If I got a free shot, it'd be at Pronger (extremely talented guy, but he's vicious). If my punchee was allowed to fight back, I wouldn't take a swing at anyone in the league
  11. David

    Datsyuk among Lady Byng finalists

    Alex Mogilny is SO HARD!!!
  12. David

    4/20 OOT Playoff Gameday

    I figured Nashville would give Chicago a run for their money. Go Broncos!
  13. David

    Jimmy Howard

    I think he just needs a bit of experience in the playoff atmosphere to get back to his barely above 2 goals against average. Every goal against (except, arguably the one he punched out to Kronwall who lost it in his skates) hasn't had much to do with his abilities. A couple big rebounds here and there. Other than that, he's been fine.
  14. David

    What is your Superstition?

    My superstition is to not share my superstitions!
  15. David

    WCQF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Coyotes 3

    My cable has been frozen for the last 4 hours (thank you, Charter!). Hoping it comes back in time for the game. Go Wings!