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  1. 146 posts for a Carolina win tonight!

    Go Canes! Beat the nasty Pens!
  2. 2250 POST FOR A GAME 6 WIN

    Hope we see D-Mac laying down the law!
  3. 2000 Posts for a Red Wings Game 5 Win

    Let's hope Babs keeps the boys together! Go Wings - take game 5!
  4. Rafalski prediction

    Everlasting erection due to overdose of Viagra. Too embarrassed to play. THAT's why there were no lower body shots of him during his interviews.
  5. Love it, though it should read "Crosby, Commodore, and Nash Then, Still crying obstruction Boy, I wish I had photo shop
  6. Wings - Sharks Race

    These teams will be even up in games come the end of the month. With each team having 4 more sets of back to back games, where do you think they will finish?
  7. Ville Leino is House M.D.

    I tell my husband that Hank and Pavs got together, did a three way with an undisclosed woman, and Ville is thier love child. I think he looks like a mixture of Hank and Pavs.
  8. Anyone go to a game in Nashville?

    You MUST MUST MUST go to Demo's while you are there. It's about 3 blocks away from the Sommet Center. They have the best steak in the world. Four steaks dinners and soda's is less than $60. Best you'll ever eat. Post back if you go and let me know what you think. Now, for the game. Nashville fans suck. They totally hate the Red Wings. The areana is nice. Hope this helps.
  9. Wings need attitude adjustment

    My favoriate line in that story was: Few recall, however, that the Wings hit the skids last February, going 1-8-2 over the last three weeks of the month. I happen to remember every horrible minute of last February. However, the problems we had then are NOT the problems we have now. I really think the boys are laying low, so as to come into the play-offs under the radar. Anybody that has watched every game, or even most games this season, knows that they REALLY turn it on when the game means something to them. They have lost very few of the "big" games, and during those "big" games looked like the boys we all love. I'm not in the least bit worried. I have faith in our team.
  10. @Nashville 2/10

    I also will be at that game. Demo's is Downtown, a few blocks walk from the Sommet Center. Best steak and pot roast you'll ever eat! They treat you right there. Boys will be staying either at the Hilton or the Renaissance. As far as I know, they switch off between the two. Take a ride around both of them about 2-3 hours before game time and you might catch sight of the bus. If you do, hang around until they come out of the hotel. They are pretty good about letting you take pictures and such. We wil be in Sec 112 Row KK seats 1-4, wearing all our red wing glory!
  11. Rumor: Hossa leaving after this season

    I wonder if Hossa has seen video of Dom's flip of Gaborik? That was an instant classic in my book.
  12. 10/9 GDT: Maple Leafs 3, Red Wings 2

    I'm at work, I can't focus, and my stomach is in knots. All I can do is watch the clock and read the hockey web sites. Thankfully I have class from 1:00 - 5:00, so maybe I can calm down before I get home in time to watch them raise the banner and drop the puck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S ABOUT TIME! And yes, I meant to scream that. Sorry.
  13. Why do people call the Canadiens the Habs?

    You have the Habs and the Habs Not. They did not want to be known as Nots, so they went with Habs.
  14. Pictures of Lidstroms House

    Just think, Cindy Crybaby lives in a Basement. Wonder if he gets an allowance, or if the NHL is letting him handle his own money?
  15. Question for everybody regarding Hossa

    It's not so much the play, it's the type of people they are, and how well they buy into our style. Frazen is a known, Hossa is not. I think he'll fit in well with the team. And I'd love to him, but, right now, I feel a little more strongly of Frazen than Hossa. Sue me. And, yes, I've seen him play. I've seen him sitting on the ice with his head hung low while we were behind the net celebrating our 11th Stanley Cup win.