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  1. Fischer at Practice!

    I was actually talking about Jiri last night
  2. Joe Vision

    I've been talking about Joe Vision for days, wondering if they'd have it. They better have it on Saturday, come on now! The only time I went was 2002 Finals, game 3: triple overtime! Woo Igor Larionov! It was a blast, of course.
  3. Parade

    I went in 2002 and it was the greatest time ever. My recommendation is going to Hart Plaza, its the place to be. There is music, they played a period from each round, inc. the first period of Game 7 vs. the Avs with the four goals. When the parade is going on, they air it live and then the rally is at Hart Plaza itself.
  4. My Video Contest Entry

    You should start an XBox remodeling business. Thats awesome. Anyway, here's a link to mine. It's crazy, a lot of stuff for 30 seconds, but it was a lot of fun to make.