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  1. WizardOfOz30

  2. WizardOfOz30

  3. Thanks, I'm hoping the weather will be nice so we can walk around....I did see there was snow shoeing up there, that could be an adventure.
  4. I did, not that recent since Christmas was just about a week ago. The person below me will be watching all the hockey games the next couple of days.
  5. Fresh is first choice, then frozen Winter or Summer sports
  6. Hey there, I'm heading to Montreal for a weekend trip in a few weeks. Anyone have suggestions for activities, must see places. Also if you know of good places to eat. Thanks!
  7. I think the only way you'll get the heavier jersey is if you get the game worn ones. My guess is it's too expensive to mass produce jerseys to the quality that the players have. I do miss those days of the good CCM heavier weight jerseys (compared to the ones now)
  8. Hot fudge Cool whip or whipped cream
  9. I would be lost without my cell phone, so no it's always with me. The person below me is trying to lose weight
  10. Depends, I don't eat them often but when I'm at a coney I'll have one. Hamburger or cheeseburger
  11. Yes I do, although I am sure there were plenty of issues going on then that we just didn't know about because we were young. The person below me should be in bed right now. (I'm feeling like crap but dragged myself to work today )
  12. You are hilarous Karen I don't have a preference but I'll go with Dear Abby When you are stressed to you eat too much or not eat
  13. No I haven't The person below me shares our sillieness on here with friends.
  14. Mixed drinks Hockey or baseball
  15. I'm sure I do....I have one brand on the front and another on the back so I kept the good ones on the front for winter. The person below me likes the Walking Dead