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  1. Man I miss those Wing - Avs series'! That's back from my days as a Wings fan before I moved to TN in '98 (same year as the Preds came into the league). I could only hope that our rivalry might reach that kind of intensity... but it's going to take a few years of the Predators consistently playing at the Wings' level. We're getting there...
  2. Nah, not really. Osgood has owned us over the years. I'd much rather face Hasek. Just looking for any reason to be optimistic about going to the Joe!
  3. Even though I'm a Preds fan, I love Babcock as a coach, and enjoy reading/hearing his comments. He obviously knows his stuff, and most of the time, has his team executing nearly to perfection. Still, this is my favorite quote from your link: How'd that one work out for you?
  4. I really want to see him try.
  5. Sloppy period for both teams. Time to pick up the intensity!
  6. I was at that game... pretty fun overall, though I really felt bad for Yzerman getting ejected - he was always one of my favorite players back before Nashville had a team. Tim Peel is the worst referee ever. Here's hoping we see that kind of intensity in this series, though!
  7. Been even longer for us... let's play some freaking hockey already!
  8. Whatever the outcome, it should be a great series. I know we'll be rocking the Sommet for 3 & 4, hope y'all have fun (but not too much fun!) watching the first couple! Preds - 3 (Arnott, Peverley, Dumont) Wings - 2 (Lidstrom, Franzen)
  9. Good stuff!
  10. PS

    Hey, Wings fans! Looking forward to a good series. My Photoshop skills definitely don't compare to some on here, but I couldn't let you have all the fun!