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  1. alright bud Edit: Everybody can now see just how dangerous a roundhouse kick from Christopher Reeves is.
  2. I'm not trying to defend Gus' actions. It looked like he meant to retaliate someway, but what happened didn't seem premeditated (there wasn't really time for that anyway) and he seemed pretty shocked/surprised immediately after it happened. So in that respect it might not have been 'on purpose', but it looked bad when it happened and it sounded bad when he was trying to dismiss it as accidental after the game. It's been days since it happened, perhaps in that time he's been able to take more responsibility for it before the meeting today. In the end, (he doesn't really have a record of playing dirty that I can think of) 6 games sounds like the right amount for the incident.
  3. Looked like Nyquist meant to do something in retaliation, just not that. His body language right after seemed like he was as shocked by it as everybody else. But in the end, it happened, so he'll get punished for what happened.
  4. Someone piss in your Cheerios this morning? He had already made it clear that he wanted to finish his career in Russia. He signed his contract in good faith, but before it was complete he (and most everyone else) noticed his play was declining and his body wearing down. Add in his family situation and he knew it was time to go home. Why can't people just appreciate how lucky we were to watch the games he played in, the magical stick-handling, and the amazing breakaway/shootout goals he gave us? Are you seriously that pissed cuz he left one year earlier than he had originally planned?
  5. No
  6. That was actually a great pass by Ericsson. Hit the guy right on the tape. It's too bad he didn't look to see what color jersey the guy was wearing.....
  7. Really? Cuz you specifically asked what was wrong with cherry picking Howard's stats, then continued on to push aside the struggles Howard has had in his career.
  8. Neither. That was my point.
  9. Everything. Trust me, I was a 'Straight-A' student in high school and college if you don't count the classes I didn't get 'A's' in (I'm gonna use that at my next job interview)
  10. Well I can't figure out how to get rid of this goddamn chart. Frankly I don't know why you are bringing up season stats for his entire career anyway. I thought it would be obvious that I was talking about his recent play (recent being around the time I made that post, which was a month ago...).
  11. Hank looks and sounds so dejected. Sad how far this team has been allowed to fall.
  12. It's like Howard & Mrazek had a 'Freaky Friday' and switched bodies at some point
  13. I mean it makes sense to play the Carolina make-up game while already in Carolina for a game. But if by some miracle we still have a reasonable shot at making the playoffs at that point, 3 games in 3 nights (and 7 games in 10 nights) during the 2nd to last week of the regular season will probably be too much to overcome
  14. Yeah!!!! Northern Michigan University kid gets his first Win!!! Well done Jared!!