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    The Red Wings, Griffins, and hockey in general. My favorite player is Aaron Downey. From the Griffins I really like Francis Lemieux, Sergei Kolosov, Justin Abdelkader, Cory Emmerton, and Francis Pare. Currently my favorite players on the Red Wings are Lebda, Maltby, Kronwall and Chelios.<br /><br />Reading, movies, and swimming.

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  1. Here's a link to a photo of the mask
  2. If you first click on gamecenter on whichever game you want, then there are 5 tabs under the score, click on game reports, then event summary in the drop down menu.
  3. I was only partly listening, but I believe it was said on the radio that Nylander returned to Sweden for the holiday, and I think they said his plane had a delay or something.
  4. Emmerton was one of my favorite players in Grand Rapids this season, I really enjoyed watching him play. I went to Grand Rapids several times over the last season, the biggest problem I noticed was that he was knocked down fairly easily. According to mlive, this summer he's going to Downey's potato farm with a couple other guys to work on his conditioning, hopefully he will add a bit more muscle this summer. I look forward to seeing him play again this season, I think he has a promising future as long as he keeps working hard. Link about Downey's potato farm Griffins Central Report on Emmerton
  5. 3-1 We win again!!! Goals from Leino, and 2 from Abdelkader (1 empty net) I can't wait to see some of these games! These guys are playing great!
  6. We win 4-3! Goals from McCarty, Andersson, Abdelkader, Haydar. The line of McCarty, Andersson, Ritola sounded like they really clicked in the first period. They had two goals in the first seven minutes. I was excited to see Axelsson next week, I saw him play at training camp and was quite impressed, but they said he wasn't playing and has a broken finger and they aren't sure if he will play.
  7. I found this article while waiting for the game to start. What a rough year it must have been for Darren, I'm glad to see that things are good for him and his girlfriend.
  8. I am listening to the Griffins game right now and they just said they have an interview coming up with Curt Fraiser, the coach and he said he talked to Babcok yesterday and both Helm and Lenio will be starting the playoffs in Grand Rapids. I was really suprised about this because he said Helm would be in Detroit. I suppose if we have an injury or something he will be called up, but the plan as of now is that he will start in Grand Rapids.
  9. The injury sounds terrible I just read that Garrett Stafford got called up to Dallas today, so they are with out him now too. Hopefully some of the injured guys will come back for the playoffs....
  10. My most recent favorite is Luca Caputi who has played a few games for Pittsburgh this season. I also like Cal Clutterbuck.
  11. My first Griffins game we went to we sat about 3/4 of the way up in section 104. We could see everything from there, but after that game I have always sat much lower in the lower bowl. My favorite place we sat was probably right next to the penalty box. It was the easiest place to see the whole ice and be close to the action. I have never sat in the upper bowl at one of the games.
  12. The only luck I have had is when they are playing at Lake Erie, I have the sports package for the tv and when they play at Lake Erie the games are televised on FSNOhio channel.
  13. I see your favourite player is Aaron Downey. Hes awesome =]

  14. That sucks that it won't work for you. I haven't tried it yet. I'm about an hour away but I try to make a game at least every other week they are definitly a lot of fun and always a good game. The Griffins are up 2-0 within the first five minutes of the period.