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  1. Real1


  2. Real1

    10 Year Anniversary

    the thing that amazed me most about this year was that they started out 22-3-1-1. that is absolutely unheard of anymore.
  3. Real1

    Jeremy Roenick

    I'm saying that you would endure the same heartbreaks that he has had to deal with his whole career.
  4. Real1

    Jeremy Roenick

    You guys are just downright cold. This guy spent his whole life chasing after one thing. ONE thing. And he never got it. You spend the same amount of time chasing after one thing, NEVER GET IT, then sit there and watch it being handed from person to person live after you retire, and tell me you don't tear up. Some of you need to grow up, and stop saying how much of a Wing hater he might be. Tell me this. If you had the chance to trade lives with him, and play the game you love for as long as he did, you'd take it in a heartbeat. Sometimes you people here at LGW just amaze me.
  5. Real1

    In honor of Vladdy

    I will admit that I just teared up.
  6. Real1

    Was this the hit of the night?

    I have always hoped that I would see Chris get hit like this. Bout damn time.
  7. Real1

    Rumor: Wings may swap for Kaberle

    If you saw it on ESPN, that would be why it is a rumER.
  8. Love the quote. Too bad the Wings didn't make it to the 3rd round!
  9. Real1

    Don't blame Howard.. blame Babcock

    Can't say I agree. This was Jimmys year. Ozzie has played a major role this year, it just wasn't on the ice. He has talked to Jimmy, given him advice on what to do and what not to do. This year was about bringing Jimmy in, getting him used to the NHL. And what does he do? He outplays Ozzie. That's the reason he became the starter. Would we be in the same situation we are now? No one will ever know. I think that people need to cool down and realize that we are NOT going to win the cup every year. like I said in another thread last night, if we were winning 7-6 or 7-5 every night, but Jimmy was playing like s***, no one would be complaining because we are winning. Now that we are losing, you all point to the rookie goalie. Get it through your heads that this is a TEAM game. The WHOLE team has let everyone down, not just Jimmy.
  10. Real1

    Why is Howard still in the net?

    ZOMG!!!!1!! WE ARENT GOING TO WIN EVERY GAME?!? WHO KNEW?!? Come on dude, if we were winning games 7-6 every game, would you still be complaining? No, I dont think so. Is giving up 6 goals a game horrible? You bet your ass it is. The fact that we are losing and he is a rookie, does not mean that you have the right to blame him. Who got us here in the first place? Oh yeah, Jimmy did.
  11. Real1

    Wings breaking the rules in SJ

    What a joke.
  12. Real1

    BlackBerry Messenger LGW Group

    We are onto Round 2. We had fun in Round 1, so come join the fun! Shoot me a PM, scan the barcode, or post your PIN here to join!
  13. Real1

    2010 LGW Playoff Picks Game: Round 2

    SJS/DET: 4-1 CHI/VAN: 4-3 PIT/MTL: 4-2 BOS/PHI: 4-0
  14. Real1

    Brad Stuart

    How did we even get Brad. I just remember him showing up in beast mode, and me telling myslef, "Damn, I like this guy. Hope he stays for many years to come."
  15. Real1

    Howard's Save

    100% agreed. He is the reason that we won this game, and now might be the turning point for the series. Jimmys the man!